For someone who needs a Christmas prayer this holiday season.

What I’m Praying For You This Christmas

In Relationships by Debra Fileta

Hello, my sweet friend. I just wanted to let you know that I’m praying for you. 

You may have read that you’re being prayed for on my Facebook Page, or saw me Tweet about my prayers for you- but I just wanted to let you know that I truly am.

I am so thankful for your love and support toward me- your emails, your messages, your sweet notes and kind words- and how you make this ministry possible- but more so, I am simply thankful for you.

God has put you on my heart today, and as I take in all that He is and all that He does for us this Christmas season, I really just want to pray for you.

It’s a small way to say thank you, but it’s the greatest gift that I have. So right here, right now, as I sit beside the glow of my Christmas tree, and contemplate the love our Jesus has for you, I pray….

For someone who is feeling alone right now. I pray God’s presence to be stronger than ever in your life. I pray that His love would compel you to move toward Him, and give you a contentment and satisfaction even in the hard moments; and in those moments, that He would wrap His arms of love around you in a powerful way. I pray that He would surround you with community and that you would feel a glimpse of the truest form of earthly love. I pray that you wouldn’t feel so alone.

For someone who is struggling to feel content. I pray that God would give you a  glimpse of the big picture that is taking place in your life. I pray that you would close your eyes to what He is doing in the lives of those around you and focus in on ALL that He is doing for YOU. I pray that you would know how valuable you are to Him, and that He can certainly be trusted. I ask God to show you that you are EXACTLY where He wants you to be- right here, and right now. This year unfolded under the sovereignty of a great God. May you believe His goodness even more today.

For someone who is dealing with a marriage that seems irreparable. I pray that God would give you an overwhelming burst of motivation to believe and hope that He can restore all that Has been destroyed. I pray that He would give you a heart of insight, that you would learn to look in at what He is doing in your life; to see His healing hand at work. I pray that you would cling to Him during the hardest times, and that you would feel Him close.

For someone who is getting ready to take a risk. Many times when we say YES to God- the enemy get’s ready to attack. He wants to disrupt and destroy all that God is doing. I pray that you wouldn’t allow the enemy to discourage you or make you doubt.  God has put this on your heart, and so I pray that you would believe with all your heart that He who started this good thing will be the one to complete it. I pray that you would trust Him and rely on Him, even when it doesn’t make sense and when the next steps are dark or unclear. May He light your path.

For someone who is in a relationship that is less than best. You have been contemplating moving into something better- but you are paralyzed by fear and insecurities. My prayer for you is that God would empower you to make the choices in your life that will bring Him glory. He won’t choose for you- but He will give you the courage and the wisdom you need to do what is BEST for your life. I pray that you would trust and believe that as you close this door and move toward HIM- there will always be greater things in store. I pray that you would believe that you are worth greater things.

For someone who is holding on to the past. I pray that God would bring healing in a powerful way. I ask that He would help you to see the things that have been holding you back, and give you a vision of what He has for your present and for your tomorrow. I pray that the past would lose it’s grip over your life as God pours down His healing and His hope. May the past have no power or control in your life! May your identity be rooted in nothing less than Him. You are not defined by your past- you are defined by His love.

And lastly, I pray for each one of us. I pray that we would be so in tune to the great love of God at work in us and around us. A Love that left it’s throne, to come down to our level, to look us in the eyes in the form of a baby, and whisper His love in our ears. I pray that we would hear His whisper of love each and every single day, even through all the noise of this world, and that this love would transform us, heal us, and excite us. I pray that this Love would change us from the inside out, and that it would seep into the lives of everyone we come into contact with.

Jesus, thank you for your great love, displayed for us on Christmas.

“Come Thou long expected Jesus

Born to set Thy people free. 

From our fears and sins release us, 

Let us find our rest in Thee.

Be our strength and consolation, 

Hope of all the earth Thou art, 

Dear desire of every nation, 

Joy of every longing heart.”


Merry Christmas to you. You who are deeply, deeply loved. — Blessings, Debra

DEBRA FILETA is a Licensed Professional Counselor, national speaker, relationship expert, and author of Choosing Marriage and True Love Dates. She’s also the host of the hotline style Love + Relationships Podcast. Her popular relationship advice blog,, reaches millions of people with the message of healthy relationships. Connect with her on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter or book a session with her today!