Here's what it really means to have a Christ centered relationship.

Me, You, and Jesus: What A Christ Centered Relationship Really Means.

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“I just want to have a Christ centered relationship.”

In the Christian dating culture, the term “Christ centered relationship” is a familiar one….one that I’ve heard time and time again.

Any Christian couple will tell you they want to keep Jesus at the center of their relationship, but what on earth does that actually mean?

Does it mean you pray together and do devotions? Does it mean you go to church together on Sundays? Or could there be more than that? Are there ways you can cultivate your relationship with God as a couple?

In this episode I talk about a young man that came up to me after a speaking engagement and told me he believed for sure he had a Christ centered relationship because…drum-roll please….he and his girlfriend read a devotion together every day.

I just have to be honest – I think having a Christ centered relationship takes a lot more than that. I want to take some time to unpack that a little bit today. Here’s why:

Being Christ-centered is not just something you do – it’s something you ARE.

Me, You, and Jesus: A Christ Centered Relationship

Today’s question comes from a young man who is wondering just that. He comes to the LOVE + RELATIONSHIPS podcast asking:

What are some practical ways to grow in your relationship with God as a couple?

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Today’s podcast was taped in front of a LIVE audience at Lancaster Bible College, be sure to check out this amazing college and be a part of the wonderful things they are doing in the lives of students and staff!

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