Choosing Marriage West Coast Event

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I’m excited to announce that in a few short weeks I will be speaking at the Choosing Marriage Event at Saddleback Church!

Whether you’re single, dating, engaged or married, join me on Saturday August 3rd for a morning of candid conversations that will challenge and change your view of love and relationships. 

I’ll be talking you through important choices you need to make TODAY to build a better relationship for tomorrow, as well as revealing the fascinating survey results I gathered for my book, Choosing Marriage

Seating will be around large tablesthere will be tables for couples and tables for singles, so it’s the perfect opportunity to connect with others in your stage of life and make new friends. 

Early bird registration is now open for tickets! So invite your friends and get a ticket while there’s still time. Connect with us or share the event using the Facebook Event Page, and click below for tickets!