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In Relationships by Debra Fileta

What do you think when you hear the words: Choosing Marriage?

Last week on my Facebook Page, I asked my readers to tell me what their first impressions were of the title of my upcoming book: Choosing Marriage.

Is it a book for singles, or a book for couples?

50% of people thought it was definitely a book for singles – about the process of choosing a life partner…and  because you don’t need to “choose marriage” if you’re already married.

But the other 50% thought it was definitely a book for married couples – because the word marriage implies that it’s a book about marriage for married people. End of conversation.

100% of them were right. Because the answer is both.

Both are right, because Choosing Marriage has a double meaning. It’s a book for singles and couples alike. In fact, in gathering data for this book, I purposely surveyed 1,000 singles and 1,000 married people to get BOTH of their perspectives as I wrote the chapters of this book.

Here’s why this matters:

For Singles: The most recent research tells us that we live in a culture today where the majority of singles are questioning the very thought of marriage. Is it even worth it? They ask. Is it worth the messiness, the heartbreak, and the potential pain? And I don’t blame them for asking those questions. Look around, and you see the foundations of marriage crumbling around us. Divorce rates, affairs, and sexual sin run rampant in both our culture and our churches. Is marriage even worth it?

Choosing Marriage is a book that will give you an unveiled, candid, nitty-gritty look into marriage (mine, and others). The things that other people may not be willing to tell you about. The traits and qualities that you need to possess AND look for in a partner that will either make your marriage, or break it. The things that no one really expects in marriage.

If you have marriage on your heart, than this book is definitely a must-read. Because the more you know about marriage going into it, the better you’ll do. It’s a book that will help you see that marriage is worth choosing, but more than that – give you the tools you need to choose well.

For Couples: Maybe you’re in the category of people who have already “chosen” marriage. You’ve been married for a few months, a few years, or even a few decades. If this is you, you know the reality that in a healthy marriage, we’ve got to learn to choose marriage each and every single day.

Marriage is a daily choice, because you either choose to connect, or you choose to isolate. You choose ME or you choose WE. And every single one of those decisions will either move you away from one another, or push you together. 

As a Christian who happens to be a licensed professional counselor, I’ve learned over the course of my many years working with couples in a clinical setting that there are some things about marriage you just don’t learn in Church. But they are things you desperately need to know NOW. No matter what stage your relationship might find itself in. Because this information changes EVERYTHING.

So whether you’re single, but one day hope to be married.

Whether you’re engaged and moving toward marriage.

Or whether you’re married and hoping to learn more. 

No matter what stage or season you’re in – this book is for you.

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