Childhood Wounds. Couples Therapy with Nikki and Russel. Part 2

In Podcast by Debra Fileta

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Today we’re digging into part two and childhood wounds, with our second couple in our COUPLES THERAPY PODCAST…Nikki and Russel. They are a young couple who are feeling disconnected emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

Today we’re digging into some of the things from their past that are making their way into their present.

Because our childhood wounds end up coming back up in our grown-up relationships if we don’t take the time to heal.

Today we’re going on a journey to their childhoods, and helping them see how they are acting out on some of those roles even today as adults in their marriage. It’s a powerful episode, watching them learn, and connect, and have empathy for one another in a way they didn’t before.

We all have childhood wounds that will come up in how we interact in our marriage. I hope you’ll listen and learn from this courageous couple.

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