How to do casual dating the right way.

Casual Dating: How casual is too casual?

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There’s a lot of casual dating going on these days…and it’s starting to get confusing. 

Is it okay to date casually? And if so, is there a limit to how casual you should be when interacting with the opposite sex. 

Today’s question comes from a young woman who is struggling with the latest trend of casual dating where a guy can hang out with as many girls as he wants (or vice versa) in the name of “casual dating”. 

Casual Dating Can’t Stay Casual

The problem is that people tend to think in two extremes. Either they are way too casual and keep the relationship ambiguous and commitment free for FAR too long, or they’re on the other end of the spectrum in which they see dating as a near marriage commitment.  They’re unwilling to consider anything casual and they expect a relationship to start seriously from the get-go. 

But BOTH of these mentalities can be harmful, and in this episode of the podcast we talk through the ins and outs of how to do “casual dating” in a healthy way, and the red flags you need to be aware of along the way.

I’m going to bring up a few important questions you need to ask yourself if you want to know how to do causal dating well. 

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