Can A Woman Make The First Move?

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Can a woman make the first move in a relationship? 

This is a question that’s always on my radar, because I know it’s going to come in about every single Q&A session I have – and let’s be honest, it’s a rather controversial topic. Truth be told, the answer to this question has changed over the years with the changing of culture and opinions and norms.

But it’s a topic that’s holding a lot of women back and it’s about time we had this conversation on the podcast.

Who Should Make The First Move?

For many years, the majority of people would have answered no to this question, saying that a woman shouldn’t make the first move in a relationship. Some people said it wasn’t their preference for a woman to initiate a relationship.

Others said it wasn’t biblical.

Still today, 35% of readers that I polled on the blog believe that it’s not okay for a woman to initiate a relationship.

But I respectfully disagree. 

There are four reasons why I think it’s totally okay for a woman to make the first move in a relationship, and today on this episode of the podcast, I’m going to break it down with why I think it’s perfectly okay for a woman to take initiative and make a move.

With a few exceptions that I’m going to cover, as well as a few things to be on the lookout for that signify a healthy relationship.

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