Why biblical dating may not be what we expect.

Biblical Dating: Camels, Arranged Marriage, and Starbucks.

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What does it look like to pursue biblical dating? You might be surprised to know. 

Being a Christian who also happens to be a Licensed Professional Counselor, I’m often asked to speak about the topic of biblical dating.

How does a person date in a biblical way? 

What does the bible actually say about dating?

How can a Christian manage the world of dating with a God-honoring perspective?

Which concepts of dating can you take from the “world” and which should you take from the bible?

I wrote my book, True Love Dates, because I wanted to tackle some of these important questions and bring to light how we can apply the concepts from the bible to approach toward dating, in a way that’s spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically healthy.

But this week on the podcast, the question came up yet again: How do you pursue biblical dating? Interestingly enough, the answer might surprise you.


Interestingly enough, if we look through the pages of the bible, biblical dating is non-existent. People didn’t “date” in the Middle East, and in fact, dating is still a brand new concept even today.

In today’s episode of the podcast, I talk through why biblical dating isn’t actually what we think – and probably not what we want.  Yet with the reminder that God’s word is filled with concepts and principles that we can apply to dating right here and right now.

Check out Episode 32 of the Love + Relationships Podcast to find out all about biblical dating.

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