Differences add spice to a relationship, but they can also add stress. Here are some differences - including age differences - that you need to know about!

5 Differences That Add STRESS To Marriage

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Personality differences, age differences, cultural differences.

We often come to relationships with a set of differences; things that set us apart and give us a unique role in the relationship we’re in. We come from different families, different experiences, and different lifestyles. And each of those differences can be an asset to our romantic lives.

Differences add spice to a relationship. But let’s be honest, they also add stress.

From Age Differences to Faith Differences

In today’s episode, our caller wrote in specifically asking the question of age differences in a relationship. Is it okay for their to be an age difference? Does it have a negative impact on the relationship? What age range is okay and what is too far apart?

There are so many “differences” that can add stress to a relationship, and age difference is certainly one of them. But differences aren’t necessarily something we should avoid – instead, they are something we need to be aware of.

So in answering her question today, I decided to tackle a list of a few of the differences that tend to make marriage harder as well as what you need to know about managing those differences.

Check out this episode of the Love + Relationships Podcast to hear the 5 differences that can add stress to a relationship.

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