A Single’s Honest Review of Choosing Marriage

In Advice and Encouragement by Debra Fileta

We are one week away from the big book launch of Choosing Marriage. Because on May 1st, this little white book that I poured my heart and soul into will be released into the world.

The thing I am MOST excited about, is hearing the stories of how God is going to use these words to impact hearts and lives. Specifically, I wrote this book about marriage for singles and couples. As a married woman, I am certain that married couples need this book. But deep down, I wrote this book with my single readers in mind. My heart longs for singles to read Choosing Marriage and connect with the message — LONG BEFORE THEY ENTER INTO MARRIAGE. If True Love Dates was a guide on becoming healthy and engaging in healthy relationships, Choosing Marriage is a book about recognizing a healthy marriage and becoming equipped to enter into it.

So, you have to know how excited I was to get this first review from a SINGLE pre-reader named Meagan. And I wanted to share it with you. Because it just made my heart so happy.

“Debra Fileta’s newest book Choosing Marriage: Why It Has to Start with We > Me is even better than I expected. I loved her book True Love Dates and consistently learn so much from her blog. Debra is a wonderful storyteller, and her vulnerability shines through her writing. She understands the struggles of navigating life as both a single and a married Christian, and her training as a professional counselor adds even more depth and insight. Debra’s writing style is familiar and never judgmental or prescriptive, a combination that is sadly rare in many Christian relationship books.

Her latest book is expertly written to include both singles and married couples in its intended audience. I have to admit that I was skeptical at first since I have experienced the feeling of exclusion in books and studies that are clearly for married people even if they claim otherwise. Choosing Marriage succeeds in going over and above my expectations. Debra’s focus on authenticity and personal stories is refreshing. Reading this book is like soaking up encouragement and advice from a best friend over a cup of coffee.

“Choosing to love someone is so much more meaningful than needing someone to love.”

This quote is near the end of Choosing Marriage, but it stopped me in my tracks. Such a simple phrase—14 words that hold so much meaning.

I needed that reminder, and I know I’m not the only person who is sometimes tempted to make relationship decisions out of the deep need and longing for companionship rather than from choices of what is right and healthy. And someday, when I do find someone, I hope with God’s help to be able to choose to love them every day—not from a desperate need but from a committed and daily choice.”

Choosing Marriage is available for Pre-Order today! SINGLE or MARRIED: Check it our for yourself!


Purchase your copy before April 31st to get all these bonuses thrown in, including in-depth workbooks for singles AND couples!