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25 Holiday Activities to Love and Be Loved!

In Advice and Encouragement, Relationships, Single by Debra Fileta

I love the holidays.

They are a special reminder of the two greatest joys in life: our relationship with God and our relationships with others.

But I really understand that for some people, this time of year can be really difficult. When it comes to making the most of the holidays, it can be especially hard if you find yourself feeling isolated or alone.

We were made for relationships. And I’m always advocating that people need to do whatever they can to be proactive and connect with the people God has placed in their lives.

Sometimes that means getting together and building our existing relationships with one another.  Sometimes it means meeting new people. And other times, it means reaching out with the love of God to people we may have never really considered before.

As you take the necessary steps to love others and be loved this holiday season, here are a list of my favorite holiday activities that will add cheer, joy, and charity to your life and the lives of those around you!  Sometimes, the best way to stop looking in with discontent – is to look out with determination. So choose a date, send an invite, and make something happen!

1.  Have an Ugly Sweater Christmas Party

2.  Host a Cookie Exchange

3.  Get a group of friends together for Caroling.  Make it special by visiting those in need at a senior home, a children’s hospital, or a local shelter.

4.  A good ol’ snowball fight.  You’re never too old for this!

5.  Have a holiday photo booth! With fun props, signs, and outfits.

6.  Baking and decorating Christmas cookies!

7.  Wrapping up gifts to deliver to those in need.

8.  Getting together to fill Operation Christmas Child boxes to send to children in third world countries.

9.  A Christmas movie night marathon (It’s a Wonderful Life better make that list!)

10.  A contest for decorating the best Gingerbread man/house.

11.  Hosting a White Elephant Gift Exchange (Here are some great Christmas gift ideas )

12.  Christmas candy/Chocolate fondue night!

13.  Baking cookies to deliver to the Homeless Shelter

14.  Volunteering at a Soup Kitchen to serve a meal

15.  A Christmas Music Worship Night

16.  Host a Prayer Vigil, a Prayer Walk, or a Prayer Meeting

17.  Hosting a clothing drive

18.  A holiday-themed dinner party

19.  Having the neighbors over for hot chocolate and cookies!

20.  A DIY Christmas Ornament Making Party

21.  A Holiday-themed Scavenger Hunt around Town

22.  Volunteering with the Salvation Army or Toys for Tots or your local rescue mission or pregnancy center.

23.  Getting involved with Angel Tree Ministries buying gifts for children of prisoners.

24.  Driving Around and Looking at Lights with some friends or family

25.  A Chat by the Fireplace with good friends and yummy hot drinks.

No matter how you choose to celebrate this Christmas season, be sure you take the time to love and be loved. Merry Christmas!

Comment below: what are some of your favorite holiday activities?

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