21-Days To Jump Start Your Love-Life!

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What if 21 Days could change the course of your future relationships?

Because research shows that it takes about that long to create or develop a new habit. And I think they’re onto something.

Are you tired of your relationship status or “lack-thereof”?

Are you sick of attracting the wrong kind of relationships?

Are you ready to take next steps in your love-life, but aren’t sure where to begin?

Then this 21-Day Program is for you!

For the past 6-months I have been creating a new program that I believe has the power to change lives and relationships.

As a Professional Counselor specializing in relationship issues, I receive thousands of emails from people seeking help from relationships gone wrong, to relationships going nowhere at all.

Though I desperately wish I had the ability to sit down for coffee with each and every single one of you, the reality is that it would take me THOUSANDS of hours to meet with and counsel each and every individual that comes my way.

With your questions and concerns swirling around in my mind and heart, I set out to create this 21-Day Program.

It’s 21-Days filled with the most strategic lessons, relevant information, and practical relationship advice that I’ve found to be effective as I’ve worked with client after client, and poured hours of research and study into this important topic. It’s a program that offers you a practical way to jump-start your love-life by providing you with a realistic plan that is influenced by modern psychology, but rooted in God’s Word!

Along with a 21-Days of Daily Lessons sent straight to your inbox, you’ll also receive my 50-page Workbook that will guide you in the process of reflection, setting practical goals, and taking next steps.

And LASTLY, in addition to the lessons and workbook, you’ll also get access to my EXCLUSIVE FACEBOOK PAGE where you’ll have a chance to interact with other singles who have gone through the program as well! It will be a place to connect and encourage each other, and meet some awesome singles along the way. You’ll also have access to me in this group, where I’ll be posting questions and interacting with the group myself. I’m excited to meet you there!!

Teaching all this information in a clinical or educational setting would require hundreds of hours, and thousands of dollars. But I’m making it available in a concise and convenient 21-Days!

So what are you waiting for?

Click Here to Jump Start Your Love-Life Today!

I truly believe this program will bless, challenge, and encourage you like it has for so many already. But don’t just take my word for it, read below what people in YOUR shoes had to say after going through this 21-Day Program.

And then choose to exchange your fears, for faith – and jump in! I’m excited to walk you through this stage of your life! Let’s get started!



What People Are Saying

“This is a life changing program! It is worth every ounce of your time and effort to take part in it as you learn to date inward, upward and outward. God used it in mighty ways in my life and I know He will do the same in the lives of those who take part in it!” — Brittany

“Through this program God has brought me to a place of truly understanding what love looks like between me, God and others, the importance of friendship, the task of actually discerning whether to ask someone out or not, and then just taking the risk and doing it. Let God use this program to jumpstart not just your love life but to ignite a life of love within your heart.” — Brian

”This program was a definite “jump-start” to my love life! I may not have ended the 21 days with a boyfriend, but I’m much more equipped to begin a healthy relationship.”
— Meagan

“I didn’t know how important it was to really know myself until I was part of this program. It’s the foundation for healthy relationships! I’m thankful for Debra and the hard work she put in to write this program. I loved it and I can’t wait to recommend it to my friends!”

“This program is well rounded and sure to be a challenge for young and mature believers alike. If you’re willing to invest some time and make some changes, this program is for you! I am walking away from the 21 days with more confidence and peace that I have the tools I need to jump into a healthy, God-focused relationship.”

“This program helped me shaped my mind and inner most desires to glorify God. I am now unafraid of being myself and become the person I am called to become in Jesus name.” — Monica

“This is a well thought out program that helps you through your dating journey in a way that gets you to dig deeper to the root issues that is not only for today, but for the future of your relationship.”

“This program is an excellent first step to the dating process. Whether you are new to dating or you’ve been in a relationship before, you will learn how to go about it with a Kingdom perspective and healthy expectations.”

“21 Days to Jump-Start Your Love Life program is an eye-opener on how to initiate and participate in a Godly and healthy love relationship.”

“I’m a twenty-something and constantly was being asked why I was single. I often wondered myself and until I read TLD and went through the 21-day program I never quite understood why, sign up today!” — Adam

“The perfect framework towards a joyful and holistic perspective on dating.”

“I recommend Debra’s Jump-Start Program to anyone seeking a new way to love through the best source, God’s enduring love. There is hope to be found in the message of healthy people attracting healthy people, and through inward, upward and outward dating, there is a way!”

“The 21 Day Program provided much needed introspection and practical advice to help me reexamine my past and create a realistic plan for future relationships.”

“The 21 Day Program will empower you to challenge yourself to understand who you are in Christ so that you can embrace healthy relationships courageously and avoid harmful ones.”

“If you want a practical, truthful guide to dating, this 21 Day Program is the one.”

“This program will give you practical wisdom and tools to use immediately to jumpstart your love life!”

“The 21-Day Jump-Start Your Love Life program grounded me in psychological and spiritual truth and stretched me in ways I didn’t know could be stretched!”