20 Quarantine Date Ideas

20 Quarantine Date Ideas You’ll Love

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With COVID-19 and the quarantine situation at hand, it can be difficult to think of quarantine date ideas!

So we asked you, the readers, for some of your great ideas for date night and you guys came through! I’ve taken some time to go through the ideas and I’ve chosen a few of my favorites, and I’ve also added a few of my own ideas! 

Quarantine Date Ideas

  • An old, but faithful, idea is a good picnic date! Pack a lunch, or order take-out, find a place in the park, by a lake, or even on the beach and spread a blanket to sit on! This is an inexpensive, but memorable, way to spend quality time together. Bonus points for planning around a sunset! 
  • Grab some firewood, some skewers, hotdogs and s’mores makings because it’s a bonfire date night! A night out under the stars and around the fire makes for a great, relaxing night. Just don’t forget the bug spray!
  • Hiking and biking are great quarantine date ideas! It doesn’t have to be a crazy hiking trail, or a 20-mile bike ride. Just being outdoors, getting some exercise and being surrounded by God’s creation is nice. So, pick a day when the weather is just right, and get out and enjoy some sunshine! 
  • Pizza Plus night! Grab all your favorite toppings for a pizza and spend the evening making a pizza and having dinner. After dinner, watch your favorite movie or grab some canvases to do a paint night.
  • I am sure that I am not the only person in the world that enjoys a good board game! Grab some snacks and drinks and spend some time battling it out over a game of Blokus, Dutch Blitz, Settlers, A Deck of Cards, (or any good game of your choice)! 
  •  Everyone has a show, or two, that they can’t get enough of.  Choose a show, or movies, that you both like and plan marathon on a Saturday
  • Choose a bible study program, a podcast, book, or a church sermon series, and set time aside for coffee/tea and to discuss what you are learning
  • Gardening is something relaxing and easy. Pick a day when the weather is just right and get out and tend to the garden together, or plant one for the first time!
  • Want to make a difference while spending time together? Volunteer! As things begin to slowly open, find a place that you both would like and volunteer for a couple of hours. 
  • If you live near a lake, kayaking is a fun afternoon activity! Grab a couple of life jackets, some sunscreen and some water and make a great day of kayaking! 
  • DIY projects can be fun! Choose a project that you’re both interested in and plan a date around that project.
  • Mini golf is something that I love during the summer months, and I know that the places have opened! So, if you like mini golf, and the places around you are open, go for it! You’re still out in the open air, enjoying time with the person that you love! 
  • The Penny Date! Get dressed up and let your date choose a number between 10 and 20 (that’ll be the number of times you will flip the penny!) The penny comes in once you hit your driveway! Flip the penny (heads =  right, tails = left). Every time you come to a junction, flip the penny and turn in the direction that penny indicates. Once you get to the number of flips that your date chose, stop, look around, and make a date somewhere in that area. This is so random and can be so fun! Be sure to have some playing cards and snacks, just in case!
  • I am a family girl, so in my opinion, it isn’t weird to have a meal with my family. So, take a night of the week and plan dinner with your significant other and your family (siblings, parents, or both). No family around? Pull your community in! Find some godly mentors, people who have done relationships well, and schedule a meal!
  • Fishing! It’s a perfect summer activity! And depending on where you fish, you can take the fish home, clean it and eat it for dinner together!
  • Day trips are great, and as things open it will be easier to do! In fact, a lot of national parks have remained open through Quarantine. Pick a place that you’ve been wanting to visit (since quarantine started) and plan a day in that area!
  • Try something new! Pick a random recipe from Pinterest, and plan to make that recipe together!  
  • Are you both competitive? Are you both crafty? You can either choose to do a painting, a drawing, or even a coloring page. Take pictures once you both are done and post to social media and ask your friends and family to vote for the best one
  • Learn a new dance together! There are so many instructional dancing videos on YouTube now! You can pull YouTube up on your smart tv or laptop, move the furniture out of the way, and learn something new! If you’re brave, try making a couples Tik Tok video together just for fun. 
  • Don’t underestimate Facetime, Zoom, or Skype calls. This is a really good idea if you’ve recently started talking/dating during the quarantine. Use this time to get to know each other, ask questions, play a game, and enjoy spending virtual time with each other, until you’re comfortable with meeting and trying one of the above ideas. 

This list goes to prove that your date doesn’t have to be expensive and/or extravagant to spend quality time together. So don’t let COVID-19 get in the way of enjoying each other’s time! Which idea will you try this month?

Comment below with your Quarantine Date Ideas!!!

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