15 Really Annoying Things Christian Singles Hear

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I threw out a question on social media asking what the most annoying phrases single Christians often hear from other people. The responses ranged from ridiculous to hilarious.

And with the Holidays right around the corner, I wanted to resurrect this post from a few months ago, because God knows you’re going to need it. Getting together with friends and family, coworkers and acquaintances, it’s pretty much inevitable that someone, somewhere, is going to say something about your relationship status.

Check out some of the top comments submitted, as well as the entertaining thought processes that went with them in italics. Take a minute to add yours to the running list of comments below.

And then brace yourselves, because awkward relationship conversations are right around the corner….

  1. “I can’t wait to see the person God has for you!”  Yeah me too, that’s the point, keep bringing it up, please.

  2. “God is just waiting to give you someone really special.” – As if all those who’ve already married aren’t.

  3. “God isn’t saying no, He’s saying not right now.” Yes. I see that. Thanks so much.

  4. “Jesus is enough.”  Well, now I feel terrible AND single. Appreciate it!

  5. “You just need to focus more on God.” And you need to focus more on not saying ridiculous things.

  6. “Have you prayed about it?” Only every moment of every day of my life. How about you?

  7. “Have you tried online dating?”  Is that code for: ‘You’re desperate’? Plus, my 30-day trial ran out. 

  8. “Singleness is a gift!” In that case I’d like to speak with customer service because I’m in need of a return.

  9. “I have a friend who’s single, too.” And I care because…? Unless they’re cute and you’re going to hook me up!

  10. “You’re just too picky.” Oh, is hoping for someone of the opposite sex with all their teeth in place asking for too much?

  11. “You’ll get a ring by spring!” Apparently my love life has frozen over, because I’ve been stuck in Polar Vortex.

  12. “God will bring him/her at the right time.” As opposed to the wrong time? Or ANY time?

  13. “What have you done to put yourself out there?” Oh, nothing. Just online dating, blind dates, singles groups, bible studies, and a small casually placed ad in the paper. 

  14. “Why are you still single?” Why are you still talking to me? 

  15. “Your future spouse isn’t just going to show up at your door!” or better yet “Stop looking and he/she will show up!” Wait…so I should wait, or he’s going to show up at my door? Which is it, people? Either way…not helping. 

Have you heard any of these lately? And what do you wish you could have said, but didn’t?

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