10 Things Single Guys Want Single Girls to Know

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Ever wish you could get a glimpse into the mind of the opposite sex?

Just to get a clue, I posed a question on social media asking single guys what word of advice they wanted single girls to know about interacting with them.

It was fun to see the answers come rolling in. Here are some of the favorites!

#1: If you’re interested- make it obvious. We’re not good with subtlety, and we definitely can’t read your mind.

#2: …And, by the way, we can’t read your mind.

#3: If you’re not interested- don’t play games.

#4: Always be yourself and celebrate your uniqueness. Don’t try to be something you’re not.

#5: If we ask you out, do us the favor of actually responding. Even if it’s a no – don’t just avoid answering.

#6: Don’t flaunt yourself. Believe it or not, modesty is attractive to a lot of us guys. Especially the good ones.

#7: Remember- we’re human, and we will make mistakes.

#8: Don’t blame all of us for the mistakes of some (or even the mistakes of one).

#9: Realize that we’ve got our own insecurities, too.

#10: Be patient with us. If we haven’t asked you out- there’s probably a good reason.

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Comment below: Single ladies, what did you think of their advice? Single guys, what are some other things you want single girls to know? 

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