10 Guys You Shouldn’t Date: How Can I Avoid Dating The Bad Boys?

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Q: Hey Debra! I have a pattern of dating the bad boys. How do I recognize the type of guy I should date, from the type of guy I shouldn’t date?

When it comes to dating relationships, there is definitely such a thing as red flags in a relationship. The problem is, depending on our level of health and awareness – we can often either ignore the red flags or make excuses for them all together.

The reasons so many people find themselves drawn to toxic relationships is complex, and one that I would encourage you to read about more in this article called “Why You Always Date Jerks“. But make no mistake about it – these bad boys can be recognized from a distance – and the healthier you are, the more quickly and easily you’ll be able to recognize a bad boy when he comes along.

Dating The Bad Boys: What To Look For

But in this episode – we’re not talking about the WHY….we’re talking about the WHAT. What are the traits that help us recognize when a guy is not good for us?

In this episode of the LOVE + RELATIONSHIPS PODCAST, I’m talking you through a list of 10 guys that you need to avoid like the plague if you start noticing these qualities in your relationship. Because what you see in dating, you’ll see multiplied times 100 in marriage….the good, the bad, and the ugly. Tune in and subscribe by clicking below! And be sure to tune in next week when we talk about the 10 Girls You Shouldn’t Date!

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