10 Random Acts of Kindness You Should Try!

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Love is contagious.

Have you ever had a chance to show someone love through a random act of kindness? It totally rocks your world, and rubs off on everyone around you.

I think one of my favorite things about love is that the giver of love can feel just as blessed than the recipient of that love. This weekend, take some time to spread the love by doing something unexpected for someone. Here are some awesome ways that people have shown love. I hope they inspire you to spread a little love yourself.

1. Send flowers to an unsuspecting person in need. Someone on Twitter told me that she got a random bouquet of flowers in response to one of her tweets from an unknown follower! How amazing is that?!

Twitter   _MelissaCole  @DebFileta  2of2 ...sent me ...

2. Fill an envelope (or…umbrella;) with some extra money and give it away to someone as you feel led. My husband will never forget the day that his family walked outside to an umbrella on their car filled with dollar bills and an anonymous note that said: “For a rainy day!”

The picture below is from a blogger who decided to do this by wrapping up 5 dollar bills in hopes to inspire others to do the same!














3. Pay for someone behind you in line. Whether going through the toll booth, checking out at the grocery store, or getting yourself a coffee-it’s the best feeling ever to see someone’s face light up when you show a little generosity!

coffee heart

4. Write an encouraging note to someone you don’t know and leave it on their car windshield. You just never know what your encouraging words will mean for someone today!

Acts of Kindness

5. Leave a little gift for your mailman in your mailbox (make sure you label that it’s for him/her)! What an awesome way to do something unexpected and spread the love!

chocolate for mailman6. Tape a dollar to a vending machine with a note. There’s nothing better than a chocolate bar-except a free chocolate bar with a thoughtful note!

vending machine















7. Stop by at a senior home and visit someone in need. My kids and I will often stop in to our local senior home and make our rounds visiting. I can’t even tell you how it lights up their day. And it feels so awesome to serve them in such a small way.

elderly hands 1

8. Find a local library leave a $10 dollar bill in your favorite children’s book. You don’t have to imagine too hard to picture the squeal of delight when the next pre-schooler picks up this book!

photo (1)

9. Drop off a dozen balloons at your local children’s hospital. Due to safety, you can’t always visit a hospital at random- but you can always drop off special gifts for the patients! Make someone’s day!

heart balloon

10. Pray for someone that you run into today. One of my favorite things to do when someone strikes up a conversation with me at the store is just to ask them how I can pray for them, and do it right then. It has been amazing to see God at work putting me just the right place, at just the right time.


praying1There is something magical about loving on others.  So go ahead and spread a little love by doing something kind for someone today.  And who knows…it might even rock your world.