Why Singles Need To Gather

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This past weekend was the True Love Dates East Coast Singles Event, in Lancaster, PA.

Singles of all ages, stages, genders and races got together to learn How to Pray for Love.

And you guys showed up in an unbelievable way. Every seat in the room was taken. The event was a huge success because of YOU!

We prayed together, we laughed together, we learned together, and we met so many incredible people. I got so much encouraging feedback about the event, but the main consensus was this: WE NEED TO DO THIS AGAIN!

Simply put – singles need to gather. And we as the body of Christ need to MAKE SPACE for singles in our community. A place to gather, to meet, to learn, and to connect with one another. Because if we don’t create this space within the body of Christ….who will?

So many times this weekend I found myself saying:

If we focused more on singles ministry, I wonder if we’d have less of a need for marriage ministry.

If we would pour into our singles today – I truly believe we’d have healthier marriages tomorrow. (TWEET IT!)

All I know is that I’m going  to do what I can to make that happen. And I want you to partner with me! We’re already planning the next East Coast Event to take place early May 2018. And as soon as we get a date, we’ll let you know so you can save it!! And I’m believing we’re going to need DOUBLE the space this time around.

But that’s not enough. For those of you who live in other parts of the country, or attend different churches, I want you to pray about partnering with me to bring a singles event to your city. Reach out to your local church and have the leaders connect with me about hosting a TLD Singles Event – and we will collaborate and do what we can to make it happen. Let’s get something on the calendar in your city for 2018!

Here are some of photos of the event this weekend. Thank you for being there. It was such a pleasure to finally meet so many of you face-to-face! — Love, Debra

Debra Fileta is a Professional Counselor, national speaker, relationship expert, and author of True Love Dates: Your Indispensable Guide to Finding the Love of Your Life, where she writes candidly about dating, relationships, and how to find true love. Her newest book, Choosing Marriage, is set to be released in the Summer of 2018! You may also recognize her voice from her 200+ articles at Relevant Magazine, Crosswalk.com, and all over the web! She’s the creator of this True Love Dates Blog, reaching over 4 million people with the message that healthy people make healthy relationships!  Connect with her on Facebook or Twitter or book a session with her today!

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Why can’t a single person just be. I am happily single and have ZERO interest in being married. Been there. Done that. Not interested in doing it again. I love to hang out with other singles. I just do not desire a mate. I am enjoying single life and do not wish to change that. Not every single person wants to be married.

Lily Ifield

This was truly a great event and I agree that singles need to gather more! Our group (S.W.A.T.) talked about this event on our way there and back to our destination in Langhorne, PA. We loved the scavenger hunt a great icebreaker which allowed you to intermingle with others you did not know. We will definitely see you next year, God willing. God bless you Debra!


If marriage commitment happens, it happens. Myself, I enjoy the nurturing closeness of an intimate companion. It lengthens our life span, and God intends us to be together, sharing and pulling the weight of life’s ups and downs, together. Single is not a natural state of being or living.


Hi Debra, talking about the next event in early May 2018 … will it be possible for someone living outside of the US to attend it? Thanks !

Joanna Champagne

I am VERY interested in bringing this Down South!! Let’s chat if you have time this week!!


We’re a really small church with very little opportunity for any singles to meet others. We have five singles, if you include me. 4 are men, and the only woman who’s single is close to double the age of any of the guys.


I definitely want to make the next event! Please keep me informed.