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I’m scoping out the dating scene among Christian singles. Take a moment to read through and answer these questions, and help me gather data for next week’s post series addressing #TheDatingScene.

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Jasmine Ruigrok

I would’ve done the quiz but I’ve never been asked on a date, and I’ve never asked, so there’s some bonus info for you! 😉

Angela H

Online dating has been excruciating in my experience. On the positive side, I have learned a whole lot about n men and dating these days. I’m on a break, relishing in much of what you have to say, at the moment.

I cannot wait to read what you have to say about this latest poll. <3.

Thank you for how you serve! Big blessings to you!!


I am a divorced 53-year-old woman. Three years of post divorce dating have brought me to a few truths. Chief among them is that I may not find a life companion, and that’s ok. Now, I will not date anyone who is not a practicing Christian. I walk with God every day and work on enjoying the many blessings He has given me. I enjoy my life. Maybe it will one day include a husband. But I am preparing for the possibility that it will not.

Jhoan Tellez

Dating is a big deal and people my age is not ready to assume that compromise with the seriousness it deserves, I’m also a little shy to talk to new people (in general, not just women I’d like to date)

It’d be interesting to know how, or if, this changes by age group. I imagine the stats would differ some between the decades. Also, depending on the dating app/site, a more meaningful connection can be cultivated before meeting in person — if ever! These connections are not accounted for in this survey… Unlike a clear “no go” blind date set up by mutual friends which is counted here. Please know I do not mean to be negative! In truth I am SO grateful for this site, the content and also the ideas/conversations it has sparked!! I just wanted to point… Read more »
I’m 40 and feel young and pretty enough to start dating again after a difficult separation 3 years ago. I pray and ask God to help me find someone. It has been so difficult for me to start dating, not because I don’t want but because there is no one around! I tried the online dating sites but it didn’t worked. I started dating someone known from work but it didn’t went well neither. So. while waiting, I’m getting involved in activities of my interest, and enjoying been with myself. Still praying since I feel so lonely and really want… Read more »
Judy Freed

Tony Evans did a series on the family that gives God’s purpose for the family. Of particular interest to those who desire a mate are “Becoming a Kingdom Husband,” “Becoming a Kingdom Wife,” and “Becoming a Kindom Single”. Our culture has gotten so far away from God’s design for marriage and the unique roles of the husband and wife, is there any wonder why the divorce rate keeps climbing? Why does this teaching usually come after marriage?
Shouldn’t we know what we are signing up for before marriage?

Hi Debra. I am a 46 year old woman, divorced for 14 years. I’ve not really been interested in dating again until recently. I am content being single, but someone came into my life about a year ago that has made me wonder if my “season of being single” is coming to an end. I continue to seek God’s guidance and pray that I don’t try to direct the relationship to where I would like it to go. I do appreciate your perspective on Christian dating and your insight has helped me to understand better how the opposite sex think.

Interested to see the data collected!


Echoing Jasmine’s comment (at age 28). I hate how websites just assume everyone has been on dates by the time people are out of college. Not everyone has.

Jasmine Ruigrok

I’m 25, and I think it’s interesting how it’s not like you haven’t been open and haven’t been around available people, it’s just that you haven’t been considered as an option. That’s my experience, anyway.


Hi Jasmine, I was a late bloomer. I’m in my 30s and want to tell you that it’s ok if you haven’t dated yet! Life is not like it is on TV. Stay strong with God. It’s all that matters. 🙂


I was last asked on a date by my late husband in 2007. Afterwards I have been going straight to courtship which I realised It was not a good. I would like to be asked on a oneday.


Haven’t dated in years…


I just recently started dating again and navigating these waters is terrifying. You want to honor God in it. The Bible does not discuss dating but it does talk about all types of relationships. The first relationship is with God and to love him with your heart, mind, strength, and soul.

I don’t qualify to take this survey. I came from the conservative don’t look at the opposite sex, wait for him to initiate group as well. My (now ex) “Christian” husband and I didn’t date as such. I’ve never been asked on a date and never asked anyone. I’m interested in dating (although terrified!) but despite all the social contact I have as a church going single mum holding 3 jobs, there is literally no one around to date. The only 2 single men I know are young enough to be my sons. Internet dating is not my scene, and… Read more »
I’m in my 40s, never married. I go through cycles of dating a lot or not at all, usually found online, but I’ve dated men I’ve met randomly or in other real life situations (blind dates, work). I stopped looking online because I found it annoying and I was unmotivated and decided to see where faith would take me offline. I’ve been asked out a couple of times in the last few months, but I turned them down because I didn’t see those relationships going anywhere and I think I’m old enough to know. I have asked out men in… Read more »
Fritz Grobler
Hi Debra and the rest of the world who might be reading this, I am a single gent, from South Africa, in my mid-twenties and I seem to be echoing what a lot of Christians on this website are feeling in that singles of the opposite sex are nowhere in my vicinity or not interested. But this is not entirely true, I think there are single ladies but the ones who are my type seem to be missing in action. However, the wasteland that is my dating life is partially, if not solely, attributed to the fact that I have… Read more »

Excited to be apart of a Christian website. That offers truth and honesty about what to look for or not look for in a relationship.