Where are Christian Singles Meeting Each Other? #TheDatingScene

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If you’ve been following #TheDatingScene blog series, you know I’ve been scoping out the dating scene among Christian singles by analyzing the results of a poll I sent out to my readers a few weeks ago. I asked all kinds of questions about their dating life, who does the asking, how they’ve been asked, and a few other things.

The findings have been really interesting, and you can catch up on the entire series by clicking here (by the way, don’t miss reading through the comments because they’re almost as informative as the data!). 

One of my last two questions on the poll centered around the WHERE of dating.

Where are Christian singles meeting people these days?

Three answers totally monopolized the poll…and it’s about time I shared them with you.

#1 (30%): Church or Related Activity

I have to admit, I was a little giddy to see that even with the changing times, Church and church-related events are one of the TOP places Christian singles are meeting each other. And it makes sense, because like-minded people generally make the best matches with it comes to finding someone to date. I always say that getting involved in the things that are meaningful for you is a good way to meet others who are passionate about the same things. And a commitment to God and community is a really great place to start. In fact, just two weeks ago I met a young woman who is dating an awesome guy and it all started by her attendance at one of my TrueLoveDates Events and then getting plugged into that local church community. How awesome is that?!?!

Looking for a place to start? Get plugged in to your local church, join or start a singles group, host a small group, and do something to be the change you want to see. Looking to find or host a TrueLoveDates Singles Events in your area? Check out this link. 

#2 (29%): Online Dating Website or App

So Christian singles are keeping up with the trends, because national statistics have recently shown that about 30% of people are meeting online these days. I always get asked about my views of online dating and I’m pretty open about saying that I see nothing wrong with that mode of meeting. Because at the end of the day it doesn’t matter HOW you meet, but WHO you date. And whether you meet online or face-to-face, it’s up to you to bring wisdom, honesty, and discretion to every step of the dating process.

#3 (23%): Mutual Friends or Family

And last, but not least….the #3 way people are meeting is through mutual friends and family. I think this is my personal favorite, because someone that knows you well can really be of benefit when it comes to introducing you to a potential date. I’m such a huge fan of it, that I have personally set up a few friends myself who are now very happily married 🙂 Woot-woot!

Don’t be afraid to ask family and friends for recommendations, and then open your mind and heart to meeting new people along the way.

*Oh, and bonus info: meeting someone to date on Facebook or social media only came in at about 2%….so, there you go. 

Comment below: Which of the above would be your preferred method of meeting someone to date? Why?

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That sounds about right. Honestly, this is what I think. I think we overthink, overanalyze, and too often look for “perfection” in other people. The reality is, nobody is perfect, and rarely do people stay the same. On a Christian gospel artists radio show, they were saying that one of the keys to staying together is being able to get through the worst times with someone. We’re always all about the better, and forget about the worse. Too often as Christians, our expectations of God and our lives are too lofty, and whimsical. God is not a magician. He never… Read more »

I would say my preferred option would be #1 at church or through a church related activity. The reason being that in person you see more of who the real person is quicker than you would through any online website or app.


I’m surprised the school category wasn’t more popular! Maybe because there are a lot of singles not in hs/college anymore. As someone who’s in college, school seemed to me like the most likely place for singles to meet! Esp Bible college.

I tried online dating for a year and it was a frustrating let down. I will admit it was a learning experience at least. But still frustrating at 28/29 living in a small town where the singles at my church are a very small group. I finally met my wonderful boyfriend through the running group I joined :). A good mutual friend of ours kept inviting me to join the group and then join their crossfit class. A couple of months later my boyfriend and I really started talking and the rest is history! He’s a wonderful God-fearing man and… Read more »
Number 1 is my preferred way, but when your the only single my age it’s just not gonna work! Lol! I can say I have seen this saying about rejection as being a redirection from God and I have actually been able to ask a few different women to go out…all have said no, but I feel like that’s God saying…she’s not the one! Redirecting me and when I look at it that way it doesn’t devastate me like it uses too! I will trust Gods timing as I have up to this point! God bless and thanks Debra for… Read more »

Definitely would prefer to meet someone at church/church related activity or mutual friends & family.