Trusting God When You’ve Never Been Asked Out

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The following is a guest post by my behind-the-scenes helper at, Molly Jasinski.  This is a post she shared with me about the important lessons she’s learned during this time in her life.  I thought it was worth sharing.  Please give it a read, and leave her some feedback!

I’ve never turned down a date. Because I’ve never been asked out on one.   

This is something very few people know about me. It’s a fact I have kept hidden up to this point, be it out of embarrassment or shame or just in an attempt to avoid awkward questions.

But it’s true. No boyfriend, ever.  And I’m almost 26. (You can insert an “ouch” here if you so desire.)

There have definitely been times where it hurts. It hurts to go to those holiday parties where everyone brings a significant other except you. It hurts when people basically pat you on the head and say unhelpful things, such as “It’ll happen when you’re not looking.” It hurts when you see yet ANOTHER engagement photo on Facebook.

For a good number of years I had a “woe is me” attitude.  Heaps and heaps of self-pity and loathing, wondering what was wrong with me and what should I fix. But it hurts most in those moments where you have too much alone time, too much time to think. In those moments, the loneliness can just ache, and you start to wonder if that ache will ever go away. I had a PLAN of what my life was supposed to look like when I was 24, and nothing has happened the way I had imagined.

I’d be completely lying if I tried to say, “Oh, it’s never been that much of an issue” or “Oh, I’m just interested in dating Jesus.” One of those answers is false, and one is just weird.

But when I think about my time as a single person, I realize there are three particular lessons God has taught me through this period of waiting:

1.  God’s plans are better than mine. One verse I’ve often clung to is Jeremiah 29:11: “For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Notice how it does not say “plans for your future which has to include a husband or you’ll never meet your life’s purpose.” Yet for years (and still occasionally on a day-to-day basis), I would unconsciously contort or add that part in my mind.

But lately I’’ve been given so much clarity and peace from God about my years of singleness. I can now see that a dating relationship earlier in my life wouldn’t have been right timing. I had a lot of growing up to do as I figured out who I was as an individual. I am so much more comfortable with myself now at 25 than I was at 16, 18, or even 24. I moved around a lot in my early 20s, first for college and then for different internships and jobs. Those experiences forced me to branch out, meet new people, and try different things. I became a more confident, fun-loving, adventurous person because I forced myself to live life beyond my initial dreams, and none of that would have happened if I would have just followed my plan for my life.

2.  There is a joy in being single.  I know, it sure doesn’t feel like it at times. Let me explain: I observe my married friends all the time. Yes, they get to enjoy an awesome relationship, romantic dates, life dreams, and all that jazz, but they also have to rely on each other, make decisions together, and occasionally disagree passionately with each other. When you’re single, you and you alone call the shots. If I want to go on a vacation, I go. If I want to go buy something, I can buy it. You get the idea. There’s also a lot more time for my personal relationship with God–I don’t have to consider someone else’s schedule when it comes to my quiet time with God, going to my Bible study, or even my commitment to my church’s children’s ministry. There’s a significant freedom in being single that is often overlooked and under-enjoyed.

3.  God cares, really.  It’s easy to take our eyes off God when the sadness creeps in and threatens to steal the joy in life. Whether it’s because of a lack of a love life or something else, those times can cause you to become discouraged and wonder where God is. But Deuteronomy 31:6 says, “He will never leave you nor forsake you.”

I’ve experienced this more times than I can count, but I definitely experienced this when I moved 1,500 miles away from home (and my family) for a new job. I didn’t know anyone and had never been to my new city before I moved. I was terrified of leaving my family and being all alone, even though God had shown me this was what He wanted for me. But He didn’t leave me on my own–He provided me a great roommate through my new church, and she in turn introduced me to her Bible study, which provided me a family away from family for two years. He is always near, always constant, always loving, even when we don’t see it initially.

I’ve learned a lot from being single. Through all these lessons, I can confidently say that I am looking forward to 2014. Whether this new year brings me a boyfriend at long last or not, I know He holds the future in His hands, and that knowledge gives me hope and peace. If you’re in a similar situation, hang in there, trust in Him, and know that you’re not alone! Let’s make 2014 our year for big things and wholeheartedly following Him.

Molly Jasinski is passionate about a lot of things, including serving Jesus, helping with behind-the-scenes work on, spending time with family and friends, and cheering for the Green Bay Packers. You can follow her stream-of-consciousness thoughts on her personal blog or Twitter.


  1. Yes! I love that 🙂 I’m 17 and I’ve never been asked out. I mostly believe it’s because I am not opened to the idea right now. I’ve shamelessly told friends that I’m using this season to grow – spiritually, most of all. I realize that I have so much to learn but I agree with you – singleness really hurts, sometimes. However, I also agree that there’s joy in being single! Lots of joy.Love spending my time with God, with family and friends, learning to live life to the fullest! I don’t know if by the time I’m in my twenties God will bless my with a life-partener but I do know that I’m realizing how ridiculous it is to make a husband my life-goal and ultimately my only source of happiness. Trusting God’s plan, too. 😀 Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Ganise,

      Thanks for your comment! You have such a great and positive outlook on this season of life–good for you, girl! I’m sure God will bring someone special into your life at exactly the right time. 🙂

  2. What a great article, Molly! Society puts so much emphasis (wrongly) on dating and getting involved at such an early age. Although I grew up in a Christian family, my mom and dad never gave me many boundaries. I was dating an 18 year old at the age of 13. Yes, so not good. A very bad idea.

    I made many foolish mistakes, all of which would have never happened had I stepped back and really worked on developing who I was as a young adult, without the added pressure of dating. You see, I only saw my value through the eyes of the men I dated, as opposed to seeing how much God values me.

    You are so wise to wait on God’s timing. He is never wrong! I love Jeremiah 29:11-13 and God has done amazing things with my life including birthing in me a new ministry to teen girls. God bless you, dear sister in Christ!

    1. Thanks so much for sharing your story, Brenda! And yes, God’s timing is always best!

  3. Perfect! Thanks for these reminders and encouragement!!

    An inpatient, single, 24-year-old

  4. Molly I got to say that your story is amazing and I could definitely relate to it because I’m single and I hate being that way. I want to do anything for love like when you hear the song, “Oh I would do anything for love,” even putting her before me no matter what but as a single guy, that hurts quite a bit because I feel worthless when I’m single and I base it on the way I look. For a while now, I haven’t found myself attractive. I’m over weight, I barely have any money so trying to lose weight is out of the question and I lack a lot of confidence. I hear many times that’s what girls want in a guy but personally I don’t want a girl to marry me for those specific qualities because those qualities don’t define me. I’m 20 so I should should enjoy my singleness more or so I keep on hearing from everybody but I’m seeing people getting married at my age and it pains me to feel that I’m still alone and have not found that one yet. As I’m pursuing God, the feeling of being lonely is growing less and less. I’m being more hopeful and less persistent of a woman. I’m not saying that it’s bad to pursue the one, it’s just depressing when you’re still single. I’m getting baptized in a week so I believe that things will change for the greater.

    1. I understand what that’s like, not exactly but similar. I just want to say that your story really touched me. I am 20 and single and a close friend is engaged. Also I get jealous of people who are dating sometimes. I’ll pray for you A and the people above. I’m also trying to see the beauty in me. Pursuing God is a good thing to do. I congratulate you on your baptism. If only I could see it. Well one more thing is that even though I’ve never met you or seen you, you are beautiful and handsome and lovely to me 🙂 really

    2. I love how you said that the feeling of being lonely is growing less and less the more you pursue God. It’s so true. The times I feel the most down about being single is when I allow myself to get too much in my own head and lose my focus on what God has planned for me.

      I’ve struggled with many of the same things you mentioned in your comment, so you’re not alone. The toughest years for me personally were the college years–my college had a BIG emphasis on “find your soulmate here!” and that never happened for me, so when I saw everyone from college get engaged over holiday breaks, it was difficult to feel like I even belonged there. All that to say, I can see now what God was teaching me during that time, so just keep praying and looking to Him!

  5. Molly, thank you for being brave and writing this. I praise God that you did. It’s only when we write and when we read that we realize that we’re not alone. This post could very well have been written by me. I can honestly say I know how you feel. I’m 26 in one month. I’ve only been asked out once — when I was 20. Since then, men have shown some interest I guess, but yup — I find myself in my mid-twenties and I’ve never had a boyfriend or been on a real date. I have since recently let go of all of the dreams and plans I have for my life and I’m just gonna float for a while — kinda like Noah’s ark — and drift wherever the Holy Spirit wants to take me. He is faithful, and He can be trusted. I’m speaking from experience. Somehow, someway, things aren’t as tragic and hopeless as they may seem and we will both be okay — maybe even married one day.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment, Simone. I feel like we’re kindred spirits. 🙂 So awesome that you’re open to whatever God has planned for you–I’m excited for you!

    2. I love it when women who belong to their first love are guarded by circumstances and learn to be patient. I realized along the way that one of the best ways for a man to become a man of God is to be careful to only marry the right woman because the right woman will be one of God’s primary instruments in making him a man of God. That goes both ways, so it’s vital to wait patiently on the Lord.

    3. XD we have the same name! That’s awesome! Also, thanks for writing this Molly!! I’m just another 13 year old and I go to this pretty awesome Christian school (best chapter of my life so far) and I have two friends that are dating rn and the other two of my close friend group are sort of in a relationship I guess? One is hanging out with this one guy and they text and stuff and the other (to which I’m really close with- we talk about this sort of stuff a lot) liked this dude, but found out he has a girlfriend so she was very upset, and I like this one guy, but I am very shy and anti social I guess, and I don’t really talk to him, and ya, teen struggles… So, to get to the point I’ve been feeling a little lonely, lately, and I have been kind of insecure this past year and having someone with such strong faith willing to talk about it openly is really nice, and I don’t really know how to explain it, but know that I’m very grateful for you doing this and I’ve never really understood why I felt lonely about this…bc I don’t know… It’s really hard to explain my emotions about it I suppose, but thank you for posting this and for the rest of the fellow commenters comments- God bless! <3

  6. Great post, Molly.

    I spent almost all of my 20s being single. No one asked me out and that was embarrassing. There also wasn’t anyone I really wanted to ask me out though, which simultaneously made me feel better about not getting asked out and hopeless about ever meeting the right guy.

    There were certainly some incredibly lonely moment there.

    But mostly I had a lot, a lot of fun.

    I realize that’s supposed to be a sentence about how much it freed me up to serve God (and it did), but that never felt super encouraging to me. What encouraged me was actual happiness – and I’ve had a lot of it.

  7. Thanks molly for sharing this and encouraging me. I’ll be 34 in a few weeks and its been hell. Imagine what its like being the only one of my friends not married or in a relationship,being attracted the wrong kind of people and being labelled choosy. At a time i’d thought God hated me, self pity,complecacy, envy took over. I hardly go to church,read my bible nor pray again and it hurts. I wish to get things straight with God again.

    1. So sorry to hear you’ve been having such a hard time! But I do understand how you’re feeling. The majority of my friends have been married for several years and have children now. It’s hard to not feel like life is passing you by when everyone is moving past you and you thought you’d be where they are now.

      You mentioned wanting to reconnect with God, and that’s great! I really do think it’ll make the difference in your outlook on life. I went through a period of about a year where I wasn’t reading the Bible or praying really on a regular basis, and it was the most difficult year for me. I felt depressed often about my relationship status and semi shut myself off from a lot of people who wanted to help. But God is always there and knows your heart better than you do. I suggest searching out His Word, asking Him for the ability to trust Him, find a way to get involved in your local church, etc. It’s been the turning point for me. Praying for you!

  8. I’m glad you came out of the closet as a never-dater. I’m betting there’s a lot more of you… and many that never intentionally kissed dating goodbye. Sharing with daters, never-daters and non-daters alike over at the Future Marriage University community.

    1. Author

      I love this comment, MJ. A friend of mine says, “I kissed dating goodbye…because of my insecurities, fears, and self-esteem issues…” You nailed it with that thought. May God continue to bring healing into all of our lives…daters, and non-daters, alike!

    2. Ha, love the way you phrased that first sentence, MJ! (Great initials, by the way.) Following your page now!

  9. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with also finding the happiness with this time of our lives! Our God is a God of joy!

  10. Thanks so much Molly for sharing your story.i was truly blessed by your post.i was encouraged to know that there are brethren going through the same situation as i have 45 and your story is my story in my 20s and 30s. i went through a period when i lost all hope (Hope had been for sure sooo….soo deferred and i was heartbroken) of ever dating or meeting “the one that God had for me, after praying and waiting for years” i decided i was the one not taking the initiative and got into 3 disastrous complicated relationships in a period of 8 years, each of which i thought was “the one”.while in the relationships i would ask God continuously to confirm whether he was the one and each time God said NO!!!. Heaven must have been so fed up with me during that time.Finally last year I very painfully walked away from the third relationship and for a time i felt like i had died on the inside and concluded that i probably was not meant to get married but i thank God because He has filled me with hope again because He does have a plan for me .im now waiting upon Him while preparing myself once again for God’s will for my life.This time round im older and wiser in Him.Glory to God!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Wow, your story is so inspiring to me, Asali! Thank you for sharing, and I’ll be praying for you!

  11. Oh, Molls – we’ve got lots in common! Thankful for it too (1 Cor. 10:13). Debra’s blog and your post definitely causes me to confront areas of my singleness that my pride doesn’t let me talk about. It even encouraged me to blog about this so thanks again for sharing your heart. And to Debra, for you ministry!

    Gal. 6:9

    1. Thank you so much for sharing, Kat! I read your blog post on your personal blog, and it was wonderful. So glad the Lord brought us together to share our common experience. I’ll be praying for you!

  12. Hi Molly,
    Thanks so much for sharing your story. It is very similar to mine. I turned 30 without having ever been asked out, and I felt like such a loser and dreaded anyone asking me about it, it seemed so embarrassing.
    It is so awesome that you are sharing the truths God has been teaching you, as there are so many lies out there about singleness that can really drag you down. People in the church can also be really “helpful” and give you lots of well-meaning advise that seems to reinforce the message that you are single because there is something wrong with you. That is SO contrary to Scripture which really upholds and values singleness, if that is where God wants you right now.
    God did bring someone amazing into my life at the perfect time and it completely reinforced to me what He had been telling me all along: He alone knows best.
    At the end of the day, whether you are single or married you are of infinite value, and the most important place for anyone to be right now is exactly where God wants you to be.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing, Naiomi! Your story is so wonderful, and I’m totally in agreement with what you said. Blessings!

    2. I don’t know their dating histories, but I had a priest and a professor who were still single at 36 and 50, respectively (he was the older one, she was the younger one), but found each other after reconciling to singleness and are now married very happily with their gorgeous 6-year-old (adopted) daughter! There is definitely possibility for change even after you’ve given up or think you’re “too old”.

  13. Nice share Molly. I can just imagine how challenging it must be to be upbeat about ” not dating” when many around are actually dating. Are you against asking someone out though?

    1. Thanks for the comment, Ross! I’m not necessarily against asking someone out, but I guess I would prefer to be asked/the opportunity has never really presented itself. But it’s something to ponder!

      1. There’s also something to be said for online dating. It’s weird at first, and has definite downsides, but you also get to know people who are expressly looking for a relationship as well, and it can expose you to people you wouldn’t have met otherwise.

  14. Molly, I’ve been raised in a christian home and love and serve Christ, but at 25 years old At times I had more or less convinced myself that I must be one of very few. Like you I’ve often felt embarrassed over this and had often thought that God maybe had forgotten about my desire to be a wife and be in a godly marriage. In all these years of waiting so far I have never heard anyone tell of their experience. So I want to thank you. I can agree with every point you’ve made. This time has helped refine me more than I ever thought it would but we have to be willing. And who knows like you said 2014 could be the year that it all changes – God knows and God cares. Thanks a million xxxx

    1. Thanks for sharing your story with me, R. It was hard to write this post because I was afraid I was alone and that no one would understand where I was coming from, but it turns out I’m not alone and neither are you! I know 2014 will hold great things for both of us because God truly does know best. Hugs!

  15. For context, I’m 22, and have dated four different guys since the age of 15, so I suppose it seems like I haven’t had too many issues with getting asked out/having guys say yes when I aske them out. And yet, I’ve had at least two guys turn me down when I asked them out (I’m all for equal-opportunity here), and have had at least a dozen non-replies to my online dating forays. My last relationship fell apart because his heart was committed elsewhere still (he didn’t tell me this, despite the fact that the relationship had ended in the last year and was very serious) and thus wasn’t able to fall in love with me…this is a hard thing to face.

    But through this – through being dumped, dumping, being rejected, having an amazing guy just simply not fall for me and coming out the other end single yet again – I am learning that I’ve made a relationship and a marriage an idol in my life. Yes, there can be great joy in marriage. But it doesn’t “make you happy”. I was trying to make my life happen the way -I- had it planned out (married by 25, kids by 30), and our plans for ourselves are never as good or rich as God’s plans for us. Sometimes they match up, but that’s a happy coincidence, and we need to give up our control to God. My happiness has really nothing to do with my relationship status. Getting married, which I still yearn for, is not going to change who I am, how I think and feel, or how happy I am, in the long run. It isn’t going to change all the other ministries I am called to, or my vocation, or the fact that I am called to be a Servant and love my neighbour and my God. It is these things we have to prioritize, even if we are still yearning for romantic companionate love while we focus on them. There’s a saying that I kind of hate but it sort of applies here…that our hearts should be so focussed on God that our future spouse has to go through God first to find and capture our hearts (I got it sort of wrong, but that’s the general idea).

    Thank you for this article. Trust is such a huge lesson.

    1. I love that saying that you mentioned at the end! I am figuring that out myself and it has recently become my goal. My focus has been in the wrong place all along. Thanks for your comment, it was very encouraging 🙂

  16. Oh also, I HIGHLY recommend reading “Singles at the Crossroads” by Albert Hsu. It’s got a great perspective on what it means to be called to singlehood, either for a brief time or a lifetime. I found great comfort in it.

  17. Although I’m a guy and do the asking out part myself, I can honestly say I’ve never had a girlfriend or even a “successful” date (one that didn’t end with one of the parties involved leaving halfway through or something like that). I’m 20 right now (about to hit 21), and I honestly thought that by now I’d at least be closer to some form of dating relationship, but my luck has not held up.

    I’m completely terrified of being single and 30 – or, worse, single and 40 – but I can’t help but think it’s going to happen. Yes, I know I’m twenty years old, but if my track record is anything to go by, then the future doesn’t look good in the slightest. And yeah, I get that we’re not defined by our pasts thanks to God, but there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of breaking away from the past in my life – dating or otherwise. More than anything, it feels like my past is corrupting the future. And it sucks.

  18. I’m 38 and I’ve never dated.

    I’m not married I also can’t have kids
    I feel like an inadequate loser in life !!!

    I was told by some person God called me to be single and others told me Jesus is my bf and husband . No he’s not !

  19. What I’m having a very hard time With is when other people say ” God handpicked their spouse ” well that makes me feel very slighted by God

    There has been no joy at all for me in being single . I’m tired of feeling forced by others to tell those who think that singleness is a gift that I feel the same way well I don’t nor do I ever have to

    I feel left out. !!! Very very very left out and have felt this way since 1987 !!!!

    I’m also fed up With this being content with being single bunk

    I hate how there seems to be a requirement of singles to enjoy being single . I’m not get over it !!

  20. Wow, I feel like I was just faced with my own inner feelings. I just turned 26 a month ago. I’m pretty much in the same boat and it is incredibly hard. In fact, it gets harder the older I get. I used to be ok with it. However, I can’t help but question what is wrong with me. I recently managed to date a guy for the first time ever for about a month and a half and most of the time it was rocky emotionally for me. It was rather difficult since he lives out of town for his work. He sadly has some issues going on in his life that I could not ignore and after much thought I decided to break it off with him. My decision was based on the fact that I could not compromise something important in order to get the one thing in life that I desire. While I know that I made the right decision, it did not stop me from taking it incredibly hard…especially since I broke it off the week of my 26th birthday. Worst birthday…ever. I found myself analyzing it all trying to figure out why he was the way he was and even found that I was taking the single life extra hard. After 5 weeks of piecing together the puzzle in my brain, I was finding that many of the questions that I wanted to ask of him were questions that I could really turn on myself but in a different aspect. I am discovering that I need to be analyzing why I am the way I am and finding out who I am. I thought I knew myself, but really I think there is much more to discover. There are things that I need to be discovering about myself in a relationship with God. I was so set on asking this guy where he was finding his fulfillment in life and then I realized that I also was not finding fulfillment in my life in the right places. While I am not doing the things that he is choosing to do with his life, I am still choosing to go about my life without any thought of God or desire to have a daily relationship with God. In the past 5 weeks I have been able to finally come to an understanding about this guy. It doesn’t give him any excuse, but I understand what’s making him do the things he’s doing. The sad part is that I probably understand him more than I understand myself at this moment. Time to turn the tables on myself. I am learning to trust God in what He has planned for me in my life.

  21. I’m not at all sorry to say this but it’s not fair of God at all to provide some with spouses but not all !

  22. Hello Molly!

    I enjoyed your blog! I can say it gave me an uplift! : ) I’m pretty much the same…never had a boyfriend, not been asked out on an “actual” date… the same questions about myself you had..only difference is…I’m 44 & virgin. Also love God immensely! Begin the age that I am it can get quite difficult at times….but I know God is writing the best love for me. I have learned to live my life to to fullest! I have traveled the world. I recent came back from vacation about 3 weeks in the UK! It was a lifetime dream come true!! I’m actively working on opening my own restaurant! Cooking is my PASSION! Even with all that…..Is still have those moments of…..When? How long? And where is he? I know God didn’t allow me to be kept this long for no reason…I know my life is meant to be an example to women & young girls..that you can keep the gift of yourself for your husband….I have given my testimony at length to women/girls & the things I had to overcome to get to this place. I’m yet growing in God & finding great & not so great things about my self that I’m letting God heal & work out in me! It is awesome to have found this site/blog for inspiration & hope for myself & to share with others!

  23. Wow… I thought I was such a social freak. I thought I was the only 20 yr old girl who’s never been asked out. To be honest there have been a few times when I was told that someone was “checking me out” and I was completely oblivious. The thing is, I have a constant longing to find a significant other but I want to find one who will lead me and strives to be closer to God. I’ve been told that I am much too picky and to cool it. I’ve also been told by A LOT of people that “I need to be patient because God is preparing the perfect match for me and that I should wait.” Its hard. I’m so lonely… even in a crowd of people who I know and love and that I know love me dearly… its just not the same…

  24. Hi Molly, Great post! I haven’t dated since 2001, but I’m a single mom who left a very bad marriage, and I have a kid to look out for. Because of the healing I needed from that marriage, I prayed, “Lord, keep all the wrong men away from me and put a seal upon my heart for the one You have for me if remarriage is Your will for my life.” Been dateless ever since. LOL! I take my walk with the Lord very seriously (understanding I am relying on His daily abundant mercy and grace in my life of course), and I won’t settle for a luke-warm Christian man who follows the Lord on Sundays while in front of the pastor and “church folk.” I want a God-fearing man who is passionate about his walk with the Lord behind closed doors too, a praying man, who will love and cherish me “the way Jesus loves the church.”

    Yes, over this past decade+, it has been difficult at times seeing people marry young and remarry as single moms, but through staying close to God in prayer, I know He doesn’t want me to compare myself to other women and what they have. Only God knows what’s really going on in some of those marriages. I’ve had married Christian women confide in me that their husbands are constantly abusing and twisting the “submission” verse (Ephesians 5:22-33) against them – it’s the husband’s way or no way and no room for discussion or anything. These are women in their 30’s not from older generations. These women live completely oppressed & un-cherished lives, causing them to fall into deep depression. The grass isn’t always greener. I, after 12 years ofsingle-hood and not dating, am happy with my freedom and have come to that place where I don’t compare myself to others.

    Mark 10:9 says, “What GOD put together, let no one separate” – sometimes God didn’t tell two people to marry, and they end up miserable. I’ve seen it. Because of an overwhelming anxiety associated with fearing she’ll be alone forever, I have friends who’ve settled in remarriage and are ending their second marriages. I love my freedom for now. No one tells me to do anything (except God). I don’t have to make my bed, I can leave a mess and not have someone comment or freak out. It’s great. My married friends ALL say marriage is hard – very hard even.

    My heart goes out to the hurting ladies who have been single and most likely don’t have the gift of singleness. Ignore people’s stupid comments. I get them all the time too, and they stink. I know God hasn’t forgotten you, and He hears the cries of your heart and sees your loneliness. Praying that He gives you the desires of your hearts regarding a wonderful, godly, Jesus following, you-cherishing husband. XOXO

    1. Oh wow, D. Your message brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for those words – they were definitely given to you by God to speak to my heart. It’s been a few months since I wrote this post and nothing has changed relationship-wise, so I’m continuing to trust and lean on Him, though it’s still not automatic or easy at times. Thank you for your prayers and kind, sweet words.

  25. Molly, thank you for writing this. I’m also in the same boat — I’m 26, and I’ve never been asked out. I’ve dated a couple of times, but typically I do the asking, or I get a killer line like “hey, uhhhhh… let’s hang out sometime, maybe.” When most of my friends have been dating or married for years now and I’m the only one who has stayed single, it’s encouraging to know that I’m not the only one.

    1. You are certainly not alone, Becca! Thanks for your message. And good things come to those of us who wait! 🙂

  26. Like others who commented, this was SO ENCOURAGING for me!! I am well into my 24th year of life and I too have never been asked out. All around me my friends and basically every person I meet has someone special in their lives or, if they are single, have still been on multiple dates. I have struggled with this a lot, questioning what is wrong with me that guys don’t like me? I am trying out online dating for the first time and I have had zero date proposals on their as well — further confirmation to me that God has a better plan in mind.

    Anyway, thanks for writing this! 🙂 It is extremely helpful to know there are others out there in the same boat as me.

  27. Thank you so much for writing this. I’m 18 – still young, maybe – but I’ve never had a boyfriend, never been asked out, never had a first kiss. It didn’t used to bug me in high school, but now that I’m in uni, it seems like everyone is in a relationship! I think you’ve helped a lot of young females, like myself, feel more confortable with themselves. Again, thank you for this and God bless x

  28. Molly, great piece. None of what you think defines you actually does. Christ in you, the hope of glory, is your true identity. It doesn’t matter a hill of beans that you’re this, that or the other thing in the natural. You’re not abnormal and there is nothing wrong with you. We want answers, so we go looking for a cause to address and/or someone to blame, including ourselves, but there is a vacuum behind that that scares us more. It’s a liminal space in which we feel as though we have nothing to cling to for grounding – making peace with that is where we learn what faith in God really is. It’s hard. It’s scary. But talk about growth! When the mountain can’t move you, you can move the mountain.

    Just so you know, I can relate – I’ve never dated, either. I’m 43 and a man. I was a virgin until I was 37; I strayed from the Lord and was afraid I’d die without having sex, so I took advantage of an opportunity when I met a woman I “met” through social media and started a long-distance “relationship” with. I learned a lot from the experience and got some things “out of my system,” but what I want to impart to you is this: it really doesn’t matter. The enemy is the only one who thinks it does, so don’t listen to the lies and you’ll be just fine.

  29. Thank you for this awesome post, Molly. I most certainly can relate to what you wrote. It has been a very long time since I have been asked out on a date. Being single has its good points, but there are days I do not enjoy it very much. Loneliness bites and some days are harder than others. Some times, I feel that life has been passing me by and I often ask the question: “Why does it seem that God is always giving what I desire to someone else?” Being content with being single is not always an easy thing to do.

  30. Great article Molly. I most certainly can relate. Being single is not always easy. Some days are harder than others and it is on those days when the loneliness seems to bite. I have wondered why it seems that God is always giving what I desire (a spouse) to someone else.

  31. I just turned 29, yes 29, and haven’t been asked out on a date. I’ve had two guys in the past tell me that they liked me, but I wasn’t attracted to either of them, and later I found out why I wasn’t receiving a good vibe from them. The first was asking out every girl on his facebook list until one of them said yes (true story!). The other was was a guy who I grew up knowing in my town, but we were total opposites, in every way. He was also a midget…and also desperate. Oddly enough, both of them were named Joe. Other then being turned down by every guy I’ve ever liked/loved/crushed on, (they just wanted to be friends, which most of them we have been! They think I’m cool, just not good enough for them to date…what?) I have been wondering if I’m going to live a life sadly, alone. I always get told that it isn’t my time yet, yadda yadda yadda. All I’m asking for is one date with a guy that I am actually attracted to! Is that really a lot to ask for???

  32. It’s easy to not worry as much when you’re in your mid-20s and single. When you’re 10 years older and no woman has ever accepted the offer of date, after roughly 20 years of trying, it is soul crushing. And it isn’t just that women have said no; I could accept that a lot easier. It is the fact that they have rejected me with anything from a cheap, lame, lie to something as horrible as “do the world a favor and kill yourself.” What is even worse, the vast majority were women I met in church. I’ve been told to buzz off for reasons such as I will never be rich because my degrees are not the kind to lead to massive salaries, to the fact that I am ugly (I am not overweight, short, deformed, or such, although thanks to some unwanted genes, I’ve been losing my hair for about 10 years), “repulsive,” and my personal favorite, was that I am “intellectually beneath” her, which she sent me in an e-mail, again for the same reason as she thought my field of study is for idiots unlike her, a PhD in theoretical mathematics. The most common excuse though was I am “too nice” by which they meant I am “boring, “a wuss,” or am a “door mat.” Women always seem to say they want a “good/nice man” but always reject them and move from one jerk to the next, all the while whining about how bad he treated her and where are all the good men.

    My family pesters me night and day to “find someone” because my parents want grandchildren and it is up to me. My older sister doesn’t want kids and my younger sister likely cannot have any due to a medical condition. So the responsibility falls to me, and they can’t go a week without reminding me of it. Now they’ve started to try the shame route by telling me to “fix whatever is wrong with you that is making women reject you.” My dad even goes so far as to call me a disappointment. I don’t know what is wrong. I was raised to be a good, Christian man who treats women (and everyone for that matter) with decency, respect, and love, just as Jesus would. I’ve never been able to figure out why I deserved such mistreatment at the hands of Christian women.

    Most people do not believe me when I tell this; they think there is no way it could possibly be true. I couldn’t make this up if I tired because I couldn’t believe anyone could go through this. But I have and I know it is reality.

    And I’ve been praying to God for 18 years for a wife (when starting college) who would love me for who I am, accept me for my strengths, weaknesses, faults, quirks, habits, hobbies, and everything else, good or bad. I’m not perfect and never claimed to be. I am as imperfect as every other person on this planet. I want to come home to see our children playing or waiting to greet their father. I want to hold her in my arms and feel her soft skin against mine. I want someone who loves me and finds me attractive despite all of my physical faults. I want to wake up at night and be able to watch her sleep, knowing she is my wife, lover, friend and companion. I want to wake up in the morning and see her face smiling at me. Why have I never even had the chance for this, not even once? Every single day it becomes more and more difficult to trust God since the only thing I have ever received from him is silence.

  33. I had seriously been praying for a boyfriend/future husband since the age of 25. I am now 33, but I met my current boyfriend(now fiancé) at the age of 32. It was basically 7 years of prayer but I stayed consistent praying to God for this petition. My prayer request was VERY specific, almost too specific.

    I had this very specific request since the age of 25! I prayed to God that I would NOT get asked out by the WRONG man and if a wrong man did ask me out, I asked Jesus that he would Not allow me to go on a date with the wrong man. I prayed that I would not have to be going through dating ups and downs since I was already in my mid 20’s and I didn’t want to go through all that. I told God I would rather be lonely than going on dates with the wrong men, only to find out that a man I’m spending time with is the wrong person for me. I asked God to keep me completely single until I met my future husband. I asked God that he would only allow me to date my future husband and it was to keep me single no matter how long it took..which was until my future husband asked me out. One day, a few months before turning 33, it happened. He is now my fiancé and a Christian convert as a result of the relationship with me.

    I had a lot to learn during my single years though. Of course, I compromised with never being asked out because that made me realize God was hearing my specific request and I shouldn’t make a big deal out of it. However, I was once a woman who worried a lot about never getting a boyfriend and I found myself getting jealous of other people because they had a boyfriend or were married, etc. What I did was I let ALL that go, the worries, the pity for myself and I let the jealousy over other people go. I asked God to forgive me for the jealousy I felt for other people’s relationships/marriages/families. I began to feel happy for myself and for other people. I improved myself physically and spiritually. I began silently praying for other people everyday, for their well being and problems to be resolved or healed.

    Also, my prayer was answered when I was most comfortable being single and was no longer worried at all about finding someone. : )

  34. My name is UCHE from Nigeria. I am going to be 36 by Jan 2015. Unfortunately have this genetic growth all over my skin. Iam not ugly as far as am concerned. It has very hurtful not to be asked out by anyman up till this moment. Some of my younger ones far younger than I am are all married evev d much younger ones are dating. I don’t know what reason for this happening to me. I know that even with these growths on my skin God can still give me someone who will love me the way I am. Your post is a lot inspire as my only hope now lies in the trust I put in the Lord Jesus. pls what more should I do dearly beloved

  35. This sounds wonderful at the age of 20……I however am 50 and have never been asked on a date. I hate to burst some bubbles, but love may never be around the corner and you may end up lively a very lonely life right up until you die. Just wanted to warn some of you not to keep looking for the Hollywood happy ending. Many, many times it’s just as I described. Yes, the truth can hurt.

    1. Ditto Chris. I just saw this and posted. I’m 56 and have basically given up the hope of ever meeting a man to share my life with. Life was good being alone until about 45, then the realization that you will never have a partner – someone in life who really cares about you and vice versa – ever in your life. You will forever be alone.

  36. I am 41 and have never been asked out. I keep it a secret. In the back of my mind I can’t help but wonder if something is wrong with me. I usually conclude it is because I am fat. But I have become ok with it. I have gotten to go to Kenya twice so far. I can be there for my niece and nephew because they are going through some tough stuff. I can volunteer. Nothing is holding me back. Though I find it embarrassing, I am happy where I am for the most part.

  37. Here’s the thing: I don’t want to get married, don’t want children, don’t want to date. However, the fact that no man has ever so much looked my way rather necessitates this conviction that I have. It does absolutely nothing for my self-confidence, in spite of my decision, to think that, at 30, I have never been approached by the opposite gender. EVER! What’s wrong with me? Am I that unattractive/uninteresting/unapproachable/revolting? To be perfectly honest, while I am very steadfast in conviction about staying single, I also struggle quite a lot with feelings of bitterness, loneliness, and insecurity. It’s one thing to say “I don’t want to get married” when men are coming to you left and right, or even just ONCE, but it’s an almost laughable position to take when no one in one’s entire span of marriageability has ever glanced at one. Is there any, I don’t know, advice for someone like me who doesn’t mind being alone, but at the same time cannot help but feel painfully, unavoidably lonely?

    1. hello! Well I’m still a teenager but… that is a statement that I tell people who ask me why I’ve never been in a relationship. At 15 I told my friends that I think there is this possibility that I will never get married. And I should prepare myself for that kind of future. At 19 it feels like… wow…so this could really be my reality. Unlike you, I do dream of marrying and having a family…. but uhmmm…. I am also aware that not everyone gets to have that. And that is fine. I trust God’s plan. I do not know what it is.. but it will be great. I just know it. All I pray is that God will help me understand that and be content and happy with whatever life He wants for me.
      Still I do still have feelings of envy, like why do other girls get noticed? Why do they have an option and I don’t? That is the part that I can’t honestly tell people that “this is my choice” because I’ve never had to refuse a date, or dump anyone because… I’ve never really had that option. Therefore, me being single isn’t really 100% my choice. So I use to ask God to have someone like me… anyone! And then…. somethings happened to me that made me realize that if someone did like me and asked me on a date, but then I have to reject him because I don’t like him then I would hurt his feelings… and that is not fair to the boy. I wouldn’t want a boy to get hurt just to make myself better and boost my self-esteem. That is what God helped me realize. Whatever life we have right now… this is exactly where we need to be and God is taking care of us…. and He is looking out for all of us.

  38. Wow. Thank you for this. I have been scouring the web for a while just trying to find someone who’s in the same boat of “20-something, never dated” that I’m in. I was really thankful to come across your post! I’m 24, never been asked out, and even though I’ve been more or less okay with it, now I’m about to graduate grad school and start living in “the real world”…and I’m suddenly realizing how scared I am to do that on my own (especially since I didn’t think I would still be alone at this point). I’m glad to hear you had the experience of moving away from family and doing life on your own too, and I’m encouraged by your words about pursuing God and letting Him be near to you in those experiences. I guess I’m curious, though, what’s your approach to dating now? My approach so far has been passively waiting for it to happen because that seems to be the ‘godly’ option we’re encouraged to do, but I’m beginning to question whether it’s ‘okay’ to also take more active steps (though I’m also scared to do so at this point just because of my inexperience). Any thoughts on this/

  39. Thank you for this. I really needed this right now. I am 22, I will be 23 in August, and I have never been on a date (that the boy considered a date as well) either. I have been out several times with two different guys who both eventually made it very clear to me that we were only going out as friends and nothing more (to be fair to me though in both cases the guy asked me first and always paid so it’s not all that far fetched for a girl to assume it’s a date). I’ve never had a boyfriend unless you count the boy in the third grade that I sat next to at lunch and occasionally played with at recess :D. I’ve never even had my first kiss (I know tragic). Out of my group of friends it’s down to me and my best friend and she is gorgeous so it won’t be us two for long. On that day I will probably feel like the biggest jerk of a friend for feeling depressed and not just purely happy for her, although it won’t be anywhere near as big of a self confidence shattering moment as when my seven years my junior little sister told me she was dating someone. All the wedding invites and baby announcements have really started to depress me. I don’t know, I guess I just had this idea of what life should be like. I had it all planned out since middle school and literally none of those plans have happened. I didn’t have a date to prom (in retrospect unimportant but at the time felt like the end of the world ;), I didn’t find a guy in college (my dad is the old fashioned type that always taught me if you don’t get that MRS. degree out of college it will get significantly harder to ever find someone. This caused quite the complex for a good two years after I left school), and now that I face 23 when I always assumed was the age I’d be getting married or at least dating someone seriously (since my model was my mother) I’m not going to lie, I’m terrified. The one thing I never factored into my plans growing up was the possibility that I could still be single at this age, and it doesn’t get any easier every time a family member asks about my dating life (or the lack there of). It was easy to tell myself that it wasn’t in God’s plan at 16. It’s been nigh impossible to keep that mindset up since I turned 20. The thing that probably worries me the most is that more than anything I want to have children. I know I’m not ready now but how will I feel when 25 comes around when I always thought I’d start having kids? I know that’s a little over two years away but at the rate I’m going it’s possible that I won’t even be in a relationship let alone married and able to have kids. I know I shouldn’t be so hung up on a timeline I invented in middleschool and I should trust in God’s plan, but telling myself that doesn’t make it any easier. Thank you for this article. I now at least know I’m not alone although I wish I had your patience and peace with your situation. I feel like I’m still a long ways off from being at peace with my single status.

  40. Lovely but try being 56 and only being asked out on 2-3 dates my entire life. I’m sure most people think I’m gay. I’m told I’m fun, good-looking, smart by married men and gay men. Yet, the last time I was asked out on a date was when I was 40, 16 years ago. I was loving life and optimistic through age 45, until I realized I missed out on building a life with a partner, having children, and having someone to grow old with. Now, my focus is on building retirement since I will be all alone with no family (including cousins, etc.) – all alone.

  41. An addendum to my post. I am a TRUE BELIEVER IN GOD. He has been there for me when I got laid off, I found a job right away. And in little ways too. Suffice to say sometimes when I think I’ve done something foolish, God makes it right for me so I not only learn and grow from the experience but everything works out in the end. It is just in love that he has forsaken me.

  42. Thanks for sharing this. It was something that I really needed to hear today. I’m 21 and have never been asked out and a lot of my friends are starting to get married and have kids. It’s something I want so much so I understand the struggle it can be. Thanks for the reminder of God’s plans being better than my own.

  43. Jst read this today and am encouraged, am 20 never been in a relationship while all my friends are dating and it has made me develop so much pain, questions and evn ask God why some times, thnks for sharing

  44. Hi! I’m 19 and well… same story. Never been asked out. Never had any boy tell me he likes me or had a crush on me. Although I have never attempted to ask anyone out or told any guy I liked them, I have had my fair share of getting rejected. There was this guy who wanted to meet my friend so he asked one of our other friend if she could introduce him, and that’s totally fine but they way he asked her was and I quote -“can i meet your friend? Oh the one on this side and not this girl!” And of course when he said “this girl” he was referring to me. So the way my friends reacted to it was what made me sort of sad because the all felt bad and said “awwwww, that is so rude! You are are pretty”. And also 6 years in school where everyone though I liked this boy and they all gossiped about how I liked him and followed him and stuff…. and this boy never liked me and so I had this “rep” and people laughed and teased me because of it. Well I tried to move on from it and now in college I have been busy but recently it feels like people just have nothing else to talk about! And at thispoint I think I have heard every cliche thing any person can say about being single… “don’t you ever feel bad or ask yourself- Why do other people have boyfriends and I don’t?”… That’s just classic.

  45. hello! Well I’m still a teenager but… that is a statement that I tell people who ask me why I’ve never been in a relationship. At 15 I told my friends that I think there is this possibility that I will never get married. And I should prepare myself for that kind of future. At 19 it feels like… wow…so this could really be my reality. Unlike you, I do dream of marrying and having a family…. but uhmmm…. I am also aware that not everyone gets to have that. And that is fine. I trust God’s plan. I do not know what it is.. but it will be great. I just know it. All I pray is that God will help me understand that and be content and happy with whatever life He wants for me.
    Still I do still have feelings of envy, like why do other girls get noticed? Why do they have an option and I don’t? That is the part that I can’t honestly tell people that “this is my choice” because I’ve never had to refuse a date, or dump anyone because… I’ve never really had that option. Therefore, me being single isn’t really 100% my choice. So I use to ask God to have someone like me… anyone! And then…. somethings happened to me that made me realize that if someone did like me and asked me on a date, but then I have to reject him because I don’t like him then I would hurt his feelings… and that is not fair to the boy. I wouldn’t want a boy to get hurt just to make myself better and boost my self-esteem. That is what God helped me realize. Whatever life we have right now… this is exactly where we need to be and God is taking care of us…. and He is looking out for all of us. Thank yo for sharing!

  46. Such an encouraging post! “Yes, I am 22 never been on a date, never had a boyfriend, never been kissed” Usually this is what I say to people when ask. My friends think I’m crazy, family wants me to be married and others can’t believe this. I learned throughout the years to be content in WHATEVER state I’m in, no it hasn’t been easy and quite frankly there had been times I cried myself to sleep because I desire to be married and to meet “the one”. I am not ashamed of my current situation, nor will people make me “feel” ashamed. I am forever thankful of this time of being single, it’s a time where I can grow and flourish in my relationship with God and become the Woman of God I want to be. I believe God is writing out such an amazing love story for me, and has hand-picked the right guy for me. I Lord told me that my waiting is NOT IN VAIN and to be patient. I pray that God will allow our “paths” to meet one day soon and that our hearts connect in a spiritual way. Sisters in the Lord, put your confidence in God and allow Him to direct your path, spend time with Him, get to know GOD for yourself, and expect/believe Him to do amazing things in your life.

  47. I wish I could go on vacation. I actually feel like my married friends have money to do that and I don’t…:'( I’ve been single my whole life. I’m 22 gona be 23. Being single for me is hard cause yeah I don’t have a husband to ask for permission but I still have this thing called parents. Also I don’t find the concept of dating Jesus as weird, in fact its the only thing that helps me feel better at this point.

  48. This post is AWESOME (and I know I’m a little late in finding it)! Really hits the nail right on the head with a lot that I’v been struggling with lately. I’m 20, have never been asked out, kissed, hugged, held hands with, etc. It’s something that I think about all of the time and, honestly, really bothers me. I pray for acceptance a lot, so my lack of a relationship or even any interest from a guy whom I like, doesn’t bother me. I also pray for a guy to like me like I like him. I know this sounds really stupid, but I get upset about it a lot, especially when I’m at school and seem to be surrounded by people in relationships. It makes me feel like something is wrong with me or that I’m doing something wrong, even though I think I’m not doing anything wrong. My parents think I’m being stupid and my mom even commented that “my want for a boyfriend is concerning.” The way she phrased that really bothered me. I don’t “want a boyfriend.” I desire to be in a relationship. In my head at least, there is a big difference. I don’t know. You bring up some really great points, and I especially love your use of Bible quotes. I immediately looked the up and wrote them down! Thanks again for this post.

  49. Hey I’m 26 turning 27 this year. I’m single and would like to find someone special (not perfect) but special like a bestfriend.
    It’s hard being single You spend most of your time alone and you sometimes start to wonder if you’ll ever find your best mate.
    I don’t really care about looks as long as you’re tall (because I’m short/petite), honest, genuine, kind and fun/ free to be around then I’m cool with that.

  50. This is what I have been looking for. I am 23 and have never been asked out or kissed or even really had a guy tell me that he liked me. This hurts so bad and I have always wondered what was wrong with me. I thought that I was too ugly or too strong willed. I have recently realized that I had and still have a lot of issues I am working through and dating would not have helped the situation. I know God has a man for me because I truly believe my longing for marriage is from Him. I would love to talk to you more and get some more advice.

    1. Hi Danielle! I’m just now seeing your comment — I’m sending hugs your way! I know it’s hard. I’m 28 now (can’t believe it’s been so long since this was originally published!) but I still have yet to go on a date. But God is good! I can definitely see how He’s been at work in my life for the better since I wrote this 3 years ago. Keeping leaning on Him — He knows. It doesn’t make the waiting easier on some days (don’t I know it!), but He DOES see your heart and know your desires. And He has the very best planned for you. <3

  51. Im 44 and single Ive never asked a women out in case she says No.

  52. I know this is old but reading this makes me feel less odd. I’m 38 and I haven’t been on a date going on 10 years. I have only been on 2-3 dates my entire life and haven’t had a serious relationship. I don’t think some people understand how crushing that can be for a woman as well as embarrassing when no one shows interest. Yes, God can do anything but when you don’t get asked out it is hard to believe I’ll get married one day and I came to the realization that I may not get married. I didn’t think I’d still be single at this age and childless. I have also realize that even if I do get married I may not have children but at least I can adopt. I will admit I have been asking God “Why?” lately and how can it be better for me to still be single then married. Sometimes I wonder if it is my looks and lately I worry no one will want me because of my age (which has happened recently when a guy at my church was approached about me.) I feared in my 20s I would still be single at this age and it has happened but I’m still alive. Lol. It hurts but I’d rather be single then to end up with the wrong person.

    1. Hi Sharon! I think your last sentence is so powerful and spot-on. Yes, it definitely hurts sometimes (and the Bible is full of reminders that we ARE allowed to be sad to process things), but He is faithful. I know He has the best planned for both of us. 🙂

  53. So I realize this was written 2 years ago but THANK YOU for writing this. I’m 18 and in my first hear of college. The only difference though, is that I’ve been asked out. I’ve had so many experiences where guys wanted to be with me so bad and God would just tell me no.
    I’ve never been kissed and never been on a 2nd date. So we’re similar.
    I get so scared that maybe I’m meant to end up alone? And sometimes, the more time I spend alone, the more I think that having a significant other is a mistake. Sometimes if I even just hug a guy, I feel like I’m sinning almost because God just keeps telling me no. So I’m not sure if maybe one day He will provide me with the RIGHT guy or maybe there won’t ever be one. But I’ll be here waiting.

  54. Hey Megan! So, to encourage you, it’s been 3 years since I wrote this. Still haven’t been on a date! AND…it’s OK! God’s used the past 3 years to reveal a lot of things to me and to grow. I am so thankful. My time will come, and so will yours! ❤️

  55. I just want to encourage some of the older ladies…Nancy Leigh DeMoss found her one true love at the age of 56!

  56. Only put a woman before yourself if she deserves it. Don’t turn into a needy boy, be a leader in the home; there can only be one, and God has created that purpose for you alone.

  57. I read this when it first made the rounds on the Internet and it gave me so much encouragement at 22. I’m now turning 25 this year, the year that marks when I always thought I’d start having kids, and I’ve had such a hard time dealing with it that I decided it was time to look this up again. It’s just as encouraging now as it was then but, honestly, I’m still dreading my birthday. I want more than anything to have a family and be a mom, but how can that happen if I (still) haven’t even had a first date/kiss let alone a husband? I’ve always said that even if I wind up single forever, I’ll have kids and will adopt a child if I’m still single at 30, but that’s only 5 years away now, and in my experience time flies super fast. Quite frankly, that deadline terrifies me, but I don’t want to hold out for something that may never happen and miss my opportunity for both. I have a 2nd cousin who waited and waited for the man God meant for her, but he never came, and by the time she gave up and decided to adopt, she was already in her late forties. She’s now 51 and loves her daughter very much, but not only did she spend over half a life time entirely alone, she is facing so many challenges raising a baby in her 50s and when that poor little girl is only 20 her mom will be 70!
    I don’t want that!!
    I know a lot can happen in 5 years, and I get that I’m still ‘young’ and all the typical things people tell single young adults, but quite frankly, those were the things I told myself 3 years ago when I was terrified of my 25th birthday looming in the near future and now, well…

    It also hasn’t helped that one of my closest friends just announced she was pregnant not too long ago. I truly am very happy for her and her husband, but I can’t help but feel a little jealous and depressed which makes me feel guilty and even more depressed for being a bad friend who only thinks about herself. I just don’t understand why. Why does this have to effect me so much? Why can’t I just patiently wait for my time, or be ok with the idea that I may just be meant to be single? Every time I start to think that it might not be so bad and if I do end up single I’ll be aIright, I can’t help thinking that “what if I really am meant to be single?” and then I get scared all over again. I want to trust God but every day that passes by just makes it harder. To make matters worse I’ve always been told that until you are ready to be on your own, you will never be ready to be with someone else and my mom and I have always prayed that God send the right man for me only when I’m ready. Does this mean by being afraid I’m self sabotaging because I’ll never be ready? But I can’t just stop being afraid which only makes me more afraid.

    And now I’m beginning to sound like an insecure, babbling idiot. 😐

    I just don’t know what to do.

  58. Hello all,
    I’m 50 a female and have been single since my divorce 19 years ago. My heart tells me that I will be alone for the rest of my time here on earth. I say this because I never dated in high school other than one guy whom I ended up having a child with and married. Our marriage lasted 5 years although together for 15 years. I have always longed to marry as I don’t want to be alone and desire companionship. I never get asked out and if I do it’s by a weirdo. I don’t know what’s wrong with me and often ask the lord why I’m still single?

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