Sexual Purity is NOT the Most Important Thing

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Misconception #3: Your virginity is your most important quality, anything less is undesirable.

I’ll never forget the look on her face as she shared the story of her dark sexual past, with tears welling up in her eyes.

But the ironic thing is, she was less concerned with what she had done- for she knew God had forgiven her of her past and wiped it clean- and more concerned with what they would think of her.

What if her church friends knew? Could she ever find someone to love her? Did she even deserve that kind of love?

Having recently been saved, God had pulled her out of the trenches of sexual addiction and transformed her into the start of a new life. But she found herself feeling confused. The same people that preached grace and God’s forgiveness, seemed to continuously remind her of her dark past.

She had recently heard in church that when you give yourself away sexually, you have given away a piece of your heart that you could never get back. If that were true, what did she have left? Her “heart” had been given away so many times in the mistakes of her past, was there anything left to give?


If you grew up in church, you’ve likely heard one of these  horrific analogies somewhere along the way.

Your sexual purity, once it’s given away is like…

“Tape that’s lost it’s stickiness.”

“Paper that’s been torn.”

“Gum that’s been chewed.”

“A gift that’s been unwrapped”.

While I get the mentality behind these messages, my problem with these analogies, and in fact- this entire discussion, is that it presents “purity” as a one-dimensional physical act.

First you have it, and then you don’t. Vanished. Gone. Over. Done with. In a blink of an eye, the prospect of being “pure” and holy has been wiped away.

This mentality is so dangerous because it fools us into believing that our entire worth as believers and as “eligible” bachelors/bachelorettes is wrapped up on this one, single part of who we are. Please don’t misunderstand, I believe that it is important to honor God with our bodies, but…

Since when did our holiness have anything to do with who WE ARE,  instead of everything to do with WHO CHRIST IS?

Church, let me remind us all that Sexual Purity is not the most important part of who we are- SPIRITUAL Purity is- a purity that emanates from our entire lives because of nothing less than God’s great power at work inside of us.

We are multidimensional beings made up of mind, body, and spirit. As important as it is for us to strive for purity in our bodies, purity is not a one-time experience, it’s a process. A process that is birthed in us by God’s Spirit, which redefines every single thing that we do.

Jesus calls us to purity of our lives by transforming our mind:  “But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”, our heart: “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.”, our body: “Flee from sexual immorality.” and even our thoughts: “Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure… think about these things.”

Our purity is not simply a product of the status of our physical bodies- but more so, it’s the condition of our souls, souls that are meant to be completely, utterly, and only intertwined with the person of Jesus Christ.

We spend so much time discussing physical purity, without challenging this generation to live a life that is so Spirit-filled, Christ-centered, and God-breathed that purity is just the natural overflow.

The glorious truth is that no matter who you are or what you’ve done, no matter how dark your sexual history, or how deviant your past: Your  physical status and sexual history does not define you- what defines you is Jesus Christ: living, breathing, and working in your life here and now. Don’t let your guilt keep you from experiencing His healing and transformation. Our sexual history will always impact us, but it NEVER has to rule us (True Love Dates: Chapter 8), because we serve the God of restoration, redemption, forgiveness, grace, and love.

Don’t allow anyone to define you by anything less than God’s goodness and grace. And then go, and be transformed. 

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Pray everyone is enjoying the beautiful sunshine, wow those birds really give praise!! Where sin did abound, grace did much more abound( Romans 5:20). The slate has been wiped clean. Jesus said ‘ whoever is without sin let him cast a stone…..Woman (man) where are your accusers? (those stone throwers) has no man condemned you? (all have sinned and come short of the glory of God)….neither do I condemn you: go, and sin no more. (St. John 8:7-11). Purity is not a one dimensional act. This is a powerful statement. It is backed up by paper work :0). ” for… Read more »

Thanks Debra and Jessy. Your words are seasoned with salt and they have really blessed me.


Thank you for this, It was not a mistake to subscribe here. it blesses my heart. I pray that God will continue to use you mightily. God bless you more!


Deb, your ministry is an example of the word “boldness” in the NT. And as an alcoholic blessed with sobriety the IMpurity of my life outside of Christ has fed the purity of heart of life in Christ!

While I do agree with most of your article, I can’t help but find the idea that virginity is not something to ascribe to for Christ. I hope that I am reading it wrong, but shouldn’t we all be trying to go for virginity in that aspect? I don’t like saying someone is “chewed up gum”, and I never got that either. However, shouldn’t being a virgin something head laudable in our Christian communities? I know lots of people today probably will not be a virgin until their wedding day, if it were to come. Yet, at the same time,… Read more »

This was a good read. I have still struggle moving beyond my less-than-perfect past. Thank you.

Thank you!! I grew up in a conservative church and all we ever heard was’whatver you do, stay a virgin!’ When my now husband and I were engaged, sexual purity was pretty much the only thing people talked to us about and then when we got married we realized there was so much more, that in reality was just as, if not more important then our sexual histories. It is important to be encouraging each other in maintaining sexually healthy relationships, but not at the expense of everything else. We need to open our eyes to the grace of God… Read more »
Hey, Debra This is a very good article. A few weeks ago the ministry I serve with went on an outreach, to teach high school kids about the HIV/AIDS pandemic. But our massage is Abstinence. I was asked to teach on the topic of “purity”. I have heard a lot of teachings on this topic, buy it so focused on “sexual purity” (which is one way “impurity of the heart” is manifested). I spent time seeking the Lord to guide me and tell me what to say on this subject, and He revealed to me to talk about purity of… Read more »

Thanks for your post and bringing clear and to-the-point concerns about the purity culture!


It is an amazing article to read. It was even greater than what I was expecting to find out because its name.

Thank you, Debra!


What I have come to realize through this article is that purity–in any form, begins at the heart. Not just begun there, but renewed there as well. Our culture is so sex-driven, its easy to say that I am pure because I am physically pure, when our minds are still trapped. When we renew our minds with the power of the Holy Spirit, that is when we truly become pure. Thanks for this article! It reminds me what purity is really about–being washed in the blood of the Lamb.


The only way is through Jesus Christ. Great Article. Thanks for clarifying.

I do understand your message that all purity of the heart, mind and body is very important. I do believe that one who had been promiscuous to become someone who has purity in Christ when repentant. I do not see anywhere in your blog that a promiscuous person can become pure in the body once again as you say they can become pure again in mind and heart. The only verse you mentioned for purity of the body is flee from sexual immorality. What happens when one has not fled from sexual immorality again and again? What happens when one… Read more »

Tyler, wait until your a 28 year old virgin with no marriage prospects. As I get older, it gets even harder, which gives me so much more grace for those who didn’t wait until they were married to lose their virginity.

Shay Johnson
Thank You! Debra, because sexual thoughts and desires are trying to come back and get me to make a move, just when i feel god is about to bless me. Please pray over for me, i so long to find a good christian men, in the church, but the church i see the more i grow so strong with christ. Were no better in the world. I’m not good with keeping friends, except the church and family(of course) my trust in people has been shaken. I’ve been hurt, broken, depressed and discouraged. I forgive everyday my enemies, and yet as… Read more »
Sean Judah

Great word, thanks!


This always makes me think of the woman at the well. She approached Jesus. He did not refuse her. He offered her living water knowing her past. He did give her advice on how to change. Very powerful.

Rachel Greer
I’m a virgin, but the hard part is staying mentally pure. I haven’t watched porn or anything like that but I have read some things I know aren’t good for me. Meanwhile my two older siblings are married with children. I’m happy for them but I’m still the only one left. Today’s my 23rd birthday and I still haven’t even been out on a date. I’m learning about trusting God but this is one of the harder areas for me. I’m grateful for everything he’s done in the past but I still don’t know what’s going to happen in the… Read more »
Valerie VW
Dear Rachel, I didn’t go out on my first date till I was 26 and some time later had my first kiss (which was not impressive, despite what movies promise). It’s easy to compare yourself to others’ life accomplishments, but keep in mind that there is no shame in refraining from dating while there are no good options. I hope Debra has written a blog dealing with the fact that there are not enough quality Christian men for all the Christian women out there. Hence it’s easy for us Christian females to blame ourselves when we are single for extended… Read more »
Will Emler

Hey Debra I Certainly Agree With Your Article That You’ve Been Writig Keep Up The Good Work

Hope Carla

Hey Debra thank you so much for opening us to understad what sexual purity is all about. First and foremost I just want to ask you something am a teen girl who is still in highschool and my parents are so overprotective and they are pastors am proud to say am a Christian personally I know God but I’m sruggling with many issues I can;t discuss with my parents so here goes my question should teens wo live with their parents obey them in totally everything


I’d also like to be prayed for. Yesterday was my 23rd birthday, and I have never so much as been on a date. At this point I’m strongly tempted to ask God to just take away my desires. It’s something I almost constantly think about, and because of it, I wonder if I’m ever going to be able to function in a relationship. I keep thinking I’m going to have unrealistic expectations and whatnot.


Sorry. I thought my first comment didn’t go through.

Anison Eric J.P

Thank you Mama for the message. Mmmh, ” to challenge this generation (of christians) to live a life so Spirit-filled, Christ-centered and God-breathed Life!”. I think this is the missing point; that’s why there are stories! May God revive His church ! Bless you.


Yes!Yes! Jesus defines me. Thanks Debra

New Sue

What about what Jesus said to the adulteress woman? He said, Go, and sin no more.

Simple. Can’t change that.

Believe me, I’m a burning passionate woman that wants sex very badly, but the Word is Settled in Heaven. I’m a sinner. We cannot change His Word to suit our feelings.

Jesus has our best interest in mind and wants to protect us, so keeping focused on our relationship with Jesus has to be prioritized number one. Committing to walk in the light of Christ everyday. Growing up Christian I heard well intended analogies about sex and marriage but they left out the redemptive part of Jesus plan. Jesus has a plan that took that already takes into account our sins and stands ready to heal, deliver, and restore us completely. That involves discovering Gods deep love, embracing your season of healing and moving forward in community of love and faith.