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“In response to the overwhelming needs of Singles at Saddleback Church, I brought in Debra to help. BEST DECISION of the year!! Her True Love Dates seminar was exactly what our Singles needed! With a loving and skillful approach, she educated us on God’s Way of healthy dating, equipped us with loads of practical advice, and encouraged us with a hope-filled message. We can’t wait to have her back!”Pastor Chris Reed, 20s/30s/Singles Pastor, Saddleback Church, CA

 We are currently in the process of booking speaking engagements through 2018. 

If you are interested in hosting Debra to speak at  your college, church, or ministry group  please fill out the form below to submit your information and request an engagement and you’ll hear back from Debra soon!

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Thank you for thinking of me to possibly play a role at your event! I’m so grateful when people invite me to contribute to such an important conversation!

Who typically brings me in to speak? 

  • Colleges & Universities
  • Single Adult or 20s/30s ministries
  • Churches: Large events, Seminars, or Sunday services
  • Conferences and Retreats
  • Mom’s Groups and Women’s Ministries
  • Singles Who Want to Host a Singles “True Love Dates” Event in their town

What do I generally speak about? All things love, dating, marriage, sex and relationships. Some of my most requested talks are listed below:

  • Healthy People = Healthy Relationships – Challenging individuals to get healthy and whole first!
  • “The Person You Never Thought You’d Date” – How to do approach dating in today’s culture
  • The Importance of Protecting Your Marriage
  • Sex and Intimacy in Marriage
  • True Love Dates “Again”: Relationships after divorce or loss
  • Praying for Your Love Life
  • Popular Q&A Sessions about love, dating, and relationships
  • “Jumpstart Your Love Life” An event for singles on how to dive into dating in a healthy way
  • “Sex and the Single Life” – Covering the hard topics of pre-martial sex in a modern way.
  • Teens and Dating: Seminar can be catered for an audience of parents or teenagers
  • (Additional Requests for talks considered on an individual basis)

Because of my passion to be a dedicated wife, mommy, and therapist, I prayerfully consider every invitation based on the following criteria:

1.      Availability – Are the dates currently open? Unfortunately some wonderful speaking/teaching opportunities aren’t possible due to calendar conflicts.

2.      Family – Does the request conflict with family events? The health of my family and primary relationships are my top priority. My husband, John, and I evaluate every request based on days/nights away from home during the requested month.

3.      Audience – What is the primary purpose of the event? What type of people will be there? Do I believe that I can make a contribution to this audience? I desperately want to be a good steward of my time and my messages and need to be confident that I’m right for your event.

“Debra’s visit was really great for our church! She was able to handle explosive subject matter with tact, insight, and wisdom. It was also so good for our church to have a woman teach on our stage! Debra has an authenticity that makes her powerful and disarming at the same time. She has the ability to let people know her without going overboard and sharing too much about her life. She genuinely loves Jesus and wants to follow Him- and that comes through. Sex [Sex and the Single Life] is the kind of topic where you have to be straight-forward to be relevant. Debra’s godliness allows her to communicate honestly, while still maintaining a holiness. I hope that we get to work together again!”Kevin Pike, Senior Pastor, Ridge Point Community Church

“Rarely do we hear from someone who not only is a top expert in her field, but also has an unusually winsome way of engaging her audience with relevance, biblical wisdom and practical advice. Debra Fileta’s straight-forward, frank talk cut through the white noise of life on a college campus to address real issues in our students lives, and they loved it!  We are already planning her return visit to campus next year.” – Chris Grace, Ph.D, Professor of Psychology, Founding Director of Biola University Center for Marriage and Relationships

“If you want a fresh conversation on single-hood and the Christian walk, then Debra is the speaker for you! The material she presents will stir souls, inspire deep conversations, and add value to every listener. She was a blessing to our church and the singles ministry.” — Pastor Tony Stang, Woodlands Church, TX 

“Debra is a fantastic communicator and speaks with an amazing combination of authenticity and wisdom.  Using stories and biblical insight she has an amazing ability to connect perfectly with an audience with a wide variety of relationship experiences.” — Amanda, Liquid Church, NJ

“Debra was really able to connect with the girls on a real and personal level….They seemed to sit up straighter and prouder because they embraced the message that their identity is not in past mistakes or regrets, but rather their unconditional acceptance in Jesus.  Debra impacted the girls on a spiritual and emotional level that they will continue to reflect on for years as their pursue future relationships.” —  Milton Hershey School, PA

“Through her personal stories and expertise, Debra connected with the audience in such a way that it was meaningful to a  diverse group of attendees who represented a wide age range. Debra was truly one of the best speakers we have ever had at our event!” —Community Bible Church, PA