21 Days To Jump Start Your Love Life Program

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What if 21-Days could change the course of your future relationships?

Because research shows that it takes about that long to create or develop a new habit.

Are you tired of your relationship status, or “lack-thereof”?

Are you sick of attracting the wrong kind of relationships?

Are you ready to take next-steps in your love-life, but aren’t sure where to begin?

Then this 21-Day Program is for you!

As a Professional Counselor specializing in Relationships, I get thousands of emails from people seeking relationship help from relationships gone wrong, or relationships gone “no where at all”. Though I desperately wish I had the ability to sit down for coffee with each and every single one of you, the reality is that it would take me THOUSANDS of hours to meet with and counsel each and every individual that comes my way.

But with all the questions I’ve received swirling around in my mind and heart, I spent  6 months using every free moment I had to pour my heart and education into this 21-Day Program that I believe has the power to change hearts, lives, and relationships.

What You Get:

It’s 21-Days filled with the most strategic lessons, relevant information, and practical relationship advice that I’ve found to be effective as I’ve worked with client after client, pouring hours of research and study into this important topic. It’s a program that offers you a practical way to jump-start your love-life by providing you with a realistic plan that is influenced by modern psychology and my experience as a Licensed Professional Counselor, but rooted in God’s Word!

Each morning you will receive one devotional-style lesson that is sent straight to your inbox for you to read and re-read at your own pace, along with a daily prayer focus. As a special bonus, Day 21 includes a 30-minute Podcast where my husband and I share our story as well as some lessons we’ve learned along the road of love and dating.

Lessons from the 21 Days include topics such as:

  • The Top Relationship Mistakes
  • Dealing with Your Past
  • The Person You Never Thought You Would Date
  • A Vision for Your Future
  • Wait on God, or Date?
  • Implementing Healthy Boundaries
  • How to Know What You Want in a Relationship
  • The Best Lovers Start as Friends
  • How to Actually Get a Date
  • Got History? An Analysis of Your Past Relationships
  • The Ultimate First Date
  • To Date (Online) or Not to Date (Online)
  • And many more!

Along with a 21-Days of daily lessons sent straight to your inbox, you’ll also receive my 50-page workbook (in the form of an electronic download) which is a significant part of the program and will guide you in the process of reflection, setting practical goals, and taking next steps.

And LASTLY, in addition to the lessons and workbook, you’ll also get access to my EXCLUSIVE FACEBOOK PAGE where you’ll have a chance to interact with other singles who have gone through the program as well! It will be a place to connect and encourage each other, and meet some awesome singles along the way. You’ll also have access to me in this group, where I’ll be posting questions and interacting with the group myself. I’m excited to meet you there!!

Teaching all this information in a clinical or educational setting would require hundreds of hours, and thousands of dollars. But I’m making it available in a concise and convenient 21-Days! 

I truly believe it will bless, challenge, and encourage you like it has for so many already. But don’t just take my word for it, hear what people in your shoes had to say about this 21-Day Program:

“This is a life changing program! It is worth every ounce of your time and effort to take part in it as you learn to date inward, upward and outward. God used it in mighty ways in my life and I know He will do the same in the lives of those who take part in it!” — Brittany

“Through this program God has brought me to a place of truly understanding what love looks like between me, God and others, the importance of friendship, the task of actually discerning whether to ask someone out or not, and then just taking the risk and doing it. Let God use this program to jumpstart not just your love life but to ignite a life of love within your heart.” — Brian

”This program was a definite “jump-start” to my love life! I may not have ended the 21 days with a boyfriend, but I’m much more equipped to begin a healthy relationship.”
— Meagan

“I didn’t know how important it was to really know myself until I was part of this program. It’s the foundation for healthy relationships! I’m thankful for Debra and the hard work she put in to write this program. I loved it and I can’t wait to recommend it to my friends!”

“This program is well rounded and sure to be a challenge for young and mature believers alike. If you’re willing to invest some time and make some changes, this program is for you! I am walking away from the 21 days with more confidence and peace that I have the tools I need to jump into a healthy, God-focused relationship.”

“This program helped me shaped my mind and inner most desires to glorify God. I am now unafraid of being myself and become the person I am called to become in Jesus name.” — Monica

“This is a well thought out program that helps you through your dating journey in a way that gets you to dig deeper to the root issues that is not only for today, but for the future of your relationship.”

“This program is an excellent first step to the dating process. Whether you are new to dating or you’ve been in a relationship before, you will learn how to go about it with a Kingdom perspective and healthy expectations.”

“21 Days to Jump-Start Your Love Life program is an eye-opener on how to initiate and participate in a Godly and healthy love relationship.”

“I’m a twenty-something and constantly was being asked why I was single. I often wondered myself and until I read TLD and went through the 21-day program I never quite understood why, sign up today!” — Adam

“The perfect framework towards a joyful and holistic perspective on dating.”

“I recommend Debra’s Jump-Start Program to anyone seeking a new way to love through the best source, God’s enduring love. There is hope to be found in the message of healthy people attracting healthy people, and through inward, upward and outward dating, there is a way!”

“The 21 Day Program provided much needed introspection and practical advice to help me reexamine my past and create a realistic plan for future relationships.”

“The 21 Day Program will empower you to challenge yourself to understand who you are in Christ so that you can embrace healthy relationships courageously and avoid harmful ones.”

“If you want a practical, truthful guide to dating, this 21 Day Program is the one.”

“This program will give you practical wisdom and tools to use immediately to jumpstart your love life!”

“The 21-Day Jump-Start Your Love Life program grounded me in psychological and spiritual truth and stretched me in ways I didn’t know could be stretched!”

“This study is the best single person’s study I have done! I loved that it was real and gave you real life application pieces in each day’s lesson!”

“The 21 Days to Jump Start Your Love Life program is a relationship counselor without the meetings. I found it a helpful tool for thinking about and analyzing the way I approach relationships, and where I still have issues in my past from my parent’s divorce and how those are effecting my view of relationships. Knowledge is power, and knowing some of my faulty thought patterns and view of relationships will help me to work through and correct them while not letting them control me. Thank you Debra.”


  1. If you want to take practical steps to a create better : awareness of self, relationship with God and others then this program Is for you! If you have read deborahs book you need this To go deeper and really drive the principles in and put them into practice. So often we read an amazing book but don’t actually do anything with what we have learned. This is your opportunity to do that! If you have never read her book you can still do this program but you will soon realize that you will also greatly benefit from reading the book ( save yourself some time if you don’t have it – get both!). As a marriage and family therapist intern I would recommend this to clients because this book is filled with invaluable information to help get you think deeply and get going today. It is filled with practical wisdom straight from the Word. If you are ready to grow spiritually, emotionally and relationally this program is fantastic !

  2. I Highly Recommend This Program!

    I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect when I received my first e-mail for the “21 Days to Jump Start Your Love Life Program.” I knew that many things needed to change in the way my thoughts seemed to turn into vicious cycles when I thought about singleness and dating. One day I would think I had finally reached contentment, but the very next day I would sink into the all too familiar feelings of envy and self-pity. This program proved to be just the thing I needed to shake me out of these unhealthy cycles.

    Each daily e-mail is the perfect length—full of deep questions and meaningful insights while also not becoming overwhelming for our already busy schedules. If you’ve read Debra’s book True Love Dates, you’ll already be a bit familiar with the overall setup (and if you haven’t read True Love Dates, I recommend that as well!) There are three parts of the program that guide you: 1) to look inward and learn more about yourself, your past, and what you bring to potential dating relationships; 2) to look upward to God and learn to accept His truth and love in order to share love with someone else; and 3) to look outward and be challenged to take responsibility for your own love life. The workbook is a helpful, tangible way to journal your thoughts and tackle the difficult questions.

    One phrase that stuck out to me the most was the challenge to “take wise risks.” I had been living passively, hoping that by some miracle an amazing man would show up in my life. But this program definitely “jump-started” my love life. I had become lazy and too comfortable with my apathy, and this was what I needed to wake up and take responsibility for myself and my future relationships.

    Debra has spent so much time and energy pouring her love and wisdom into this program. If you’re debating whether or not it will be worth it, let me encourage you to give it a try. You definitely have nothing to lose. I can personally say that I’m very happy and thankful that I got to be a part of this great program, and I’m recommending it to all my single friends!

  3. This course is excellent, I committed to doing the whole 21 days and I’m so glad I did. It offers a therapeutic gradual approach to putting yourself in a better place for dating and relationships, with a strong biblical basis and great down to earth advice. No hair brained approaches to dating as is common in this genre, Debra is wonderful at what she does! I’m so very grateful as I’m in a stronger position than I’ve ever been purely down to doing this.

  4. Finally! A program that is culturally relevant, is focused on action you can take as a single & is Christ centered! If you find yourself hitting a dead end relationally, this is for you!

  5. You owe it to yourself to go through this program! Debra guides you through these 21 Days and (no exaggeration) you’ll be transformed by the revelations you’ll discover about yourself and the life you’re living. It pairs perfectly with her book ‘True Love Dates’ and gives you even more insight into YOU through its thought-provoking pages.
    This has been one of the best choices I’ve ever made and definitely one of the more influential in my life. I believe in this program and I recommend it to you without hesitation!

  6. Thanks to Deb and her TLD team she has made something amazing! 21-days is a great addition to the book and worth every penny. Want to go deep and verbalize the things about dating you’ve ignored? Get the curriculum today!

  7. It sounds like an interesting program. I think I’ll try it.

    In another matter, I’ve been curious about the Whistler, British Columbia event in April 2015. I’ve sent several emails inquiring about the details, but have not received a reply to date. How do I sign up or who can I contact for more info? Is there a phone #, fax #, email address???

  8. I was really challenged by Debra in these 21 days to really see the root issues through the journaling exercises and through her daily emails. I am truly grateful for her insights and perspectives and how she helped changed my mindset of dating and to dare to approach dating again but his time with healthy boundaries. Thank you Debra.

  9. I so appreciated this program! All along the way God was confirming His word to me that “I am on the right path”. So much of what Debra shared is exactly what I have been learning about being a healthy person. Im so glad Christians are now teaching singles that you must first BE the person you want to marry. Life is not black and white and people have layers. This program equips singles to deal with those layers and better prepare them to develop healthy relationships and marriages!

  10. I decided to do this program just this Summer and it proved to be a blessing in many ways. First I highly recommend you commit to reading the e-mail and journalling. That’s really the only way to get something out of it. Debra helps you move through your thoughts and sort through your past, & present, and how you are doing in relating to yourself, to God and to others (men and women) to see where your hangups may live. She uses scripture every day which was my favorite part and her insights and words are very biblical and encouraging. Well worth your time and focus to go through this!! Hope you all leave a healthier, happier, more whole person after completing these 21 days!

  11. I am just curious as to what the difference is between doing this program as opposed to working through the book? What additional benefit will this 21 day program give?

  12. Terri, this is an in-depth study that applies the concepts from True Love Dates in 21 Days of workbook/exercises/practical application. If TLD gives you the ideas, this program helps you put them into practice and actually encourages you to interact with the opposite sex along the way. I think you’ll really enjoy it! 🙂

  13. I loved this workbook (and TLD). Debra has so much wisdom and good advice to offer that’s level headed, original, and from real life experience through her clients and through her own life. I learned so much about myself and those in my life and how to be better in both areas from her books and I can highly recommend this workbook!!

  14. Just stumbled upon this right now and I believe it’s a devine appointment with God…I need this so bad…

  15. I wanna try that book. Thank you for opening my mind about this “wait means to date” thing on finding the right one. I wanna learn more. thank you.

  16. Your Comment *I really need this, and learn more about relationship.

    • Hi Cindy! All you have to do is go to truelovedates.com/store/ and you’ll find it there! Blessings!

  17. This is awesome i want to learn more about relationships”

  18. Debra, I am 48 and still trusting. Is this program revelant to me?

    • Absolutely! I think you’ll love it, Shalom Ed 🙂

  19. Debra I want to be part of this program,I will go out of my way and get both books I need to learn as much as possible to fix my negative mind.

  20. Hi Debra, I just got this info from a friend and I’ve been waiting for God to send me the husband he chooses for me! For more than 14 years, growing spiritually and serving and dealing with my daily life journey. It didn’t think I should do something different than pray and wait for him. What am reading here is that I should do something different?

    • Prayer is SO important….and trusting God along the way is KEY. And that’s part of this program, too. But yes, I believe there are steps we can take to prepare ourselves for the right relationship, and to be able to identify it when it comes along! This program gives you those practical steps from beginning to end! I think you’ll enjoy it and benefit from it!

  21. Reading the comments of people who already gone trough this programme, i definately want to take part in “jump start my love life “I know i will becomea better person trough it.

  22. Debra.
    Your content is really amazing. Thanks for what you’re doing. And of course I’m getting the 21-day Guide.

  23. I look forward to a new chapter in my life. I can’t wait to receive the guidance in her book.

  24. I’m totally excited and look forward to what is to come out of this 21 day booklet… 😁😁😁

    • I think you’ll both benefit from — and enjoy it, Jeanette!

  25. I’ll read it in my inbox. One a day, right? For 21days.

    • Yes, along with a workbook to go with the lessons.

  26. Hi Debra I’m only 21 years old, I’ve been through so much hurt.. so much I recently got out of the hospital from suicide with overdose.. I’m currently on medication but I feel no change I feel like something more is out there… I came across this website and everything you say makes so much sense but it’s hard for me to take it in and apply changes to my life.. the reason for the suicide not once but twice is because of a relationship I was in.. it was so toxic but yet “I still love him” I still long for him… I wish I could just forget all of that and begin a new life… I don’t know where to begin.. any advise please

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