10 Reasons He Hasn’t Asked You Out




Are you wondering why he hasn’t asked you out? You are not the only one who has asked this question. In fact, this is one of the most frequent questions I get on the True Love Dates Blog. You might feel confused as you’re trying to put the pieces together, but let me assure you- there is ALWAYS a reason. In my experience as a Professional Counselor I’ve noticed ten patterns that emerge when it comes to figuring out why he hasn’t asked you out.

In this 25 page ebook, I draw on my professional experience in working with both singles and couples and give you the 10 reasons why he hasn’t asked you out, and offer you a practical plan for what you can do about each reason. You don’t have to wait around anymore. Get answers today!

Available in PDF, Apple/iTunes, and Kindle Edition!


  1. I’ve flirted with a man for a little over a year, hr had yet to ask me out, but when I see him at church he always hug and kiss my cheek. I feel that he is sending me mixed messages. On one occasion I observed him having a lenghty conversation with another female member, something which he has yet to do with me. I have began to avoid him because I feel that he is not interested in me as a mate. Do you have any suggestions? I do believe in prayer, I’m aware that if it’s not God’s will then it will not be so. Thanks for listening

  2. so much great advice, for both women and men , much food for thought and opens doors for seeing things from different perspectives,i am a guy and love what women have to say on many of these subjects , great advice .god bless you all .keith

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