New Book Announcement! (I NEED YOUR INPUT)

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I am BEYOND excited to share with you that last week I accepted a publishing contract for my NEXT BOOK!  Woohoo!!! [Insert one million happy emojis here]!

It will be a book geared to both SINGLES and MARRIED COUPLES – unpacking the hardest and greatest things you need to know about marriage in order to do marriage well. I’m so excited to give you more details as I am able (including the title!!) and sneak peeks along the way. But I’m even MORE excited to share this book with you when it’s released in the Summer of 2018.

In the meantime, I ask for your prayers as I write, that the Holy Spirit would lead and guide me and give me the words I need to shape this important message that He’s put on my heart. To Him be all the glory.

Now the fun part: I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!! Whether you are single, or married, your input is going to help shape this book and make it great. I’ve put together two surveys to gather some much-needed data that I will be presenting throughout the book. Please click on the survey below based your current relationship status, and then share this page with your friends to include them in this process! The more voices we get the better!




I can’t thank you enough for all of your support and for being a part of this new book project!! To God be the glory for everything He’s doing in bringing hope and healing to relationships all over the world.

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  1. I started to fill out the singles questionaire but I’m a little confused with some of the questions (f.e. question 3)… Do you want us to answer how we think married couples SHOULD behave or how we think it happens in most marriages / the marriages we’ve observed?

    1. Author

      Hi Selin! I’m hoping to get an idea of what singles think marriage is actually like. So, if what you’ve observed has an impact on that, then go with what you think!

  2. Based on the wording of some of the questions, and having read your answer to a previous question, some of my answers are based on the AVERAGE or what I’ve observed. There was a specific question that was more clear when it was asking my opinion. I am divorced wth four children. The divorce was about 10 years ago and I am now in a very healthy relationship with a God-fearing woman who I hope I will one day marry once we both know it is the right thing. I’ve seen the horror of divorce as a child and as a parent. I see where I’ve gone wrong and where my ex-wife and I went wrong together. I realize the only way to conduct your survey effectively for yourself is to create closed questions, however, I would like to offer further details should you be interested. Not that my take is any more important than the next person, I just feel compelled to throw it out there. Good luck with your book and congratulations!

  3. Hi Debra, sorry, I’m filling out the singles questionnaire, have the same question as Selin and am still a bit confused after your answer! Except where observation is specifically mentioned, should we answer according to our observations / guesstimations or to what we’re actually expecting our future marriage to be like? Thanks!

    1. Author

      Hi Jill!! Love how you guys are putting so much thought into this, it’s great!!! I think expectations are often influenced by observations….so what you’re actually expecting in your future marriage would be great!

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