For You Who’ve Lost Hope….

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There are two things that plunge us into a place of hopelessness. They are regret about the past and fear of the future.

Each of these are dangerous places to live. They ground us to the present and we lose hope of the future God has planned for us.

Isaiah 61 carries the scripture that Jesus quotes from when He starts His public ministry. You can read Jesus doing this in Luke 4.

This scripture in Isaiah talks about relieving peoples “Heaviness!”  

This has nothing to do with our weight problems but every thing to do with our depression, or a deep sense of hopelessness, feelings of hurting yourself, or even suicidal thoughts and the like.

God wants you out of all that.

This scripture says God wants to give “a garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.” Isaiah 61:3.

There is an exchange that takes place here.

You make a decision, “I am going to take off this garment of heaviness and I am going to put on the garment of praise!”

This does not mean that your simply going to walk around singing praise and worship songs all day although not a bad idea!! It means I am focusing my eyes on God. I am walking my life focused on His Love and His Purpose for my life and future. I am going to become a person living my life for His honor and turning my life over to Him who has promised never to leave me or forsake me.

When I first came to live in America I had to virtually learn to drive again!

I mean you have the driving wheel on the wrong side of the car! You sit the wrong side of the car to drive! To cap it all, you drive on the wrong side of the road too!

I had to learn the basics all over again.

One of the things I learned was that I could not drive my car by continually looking in my rear view mirror. If I did I would end up in the ditch.

Neither could I just focus on where I was right now or I would never get anywhere.

I had to focus forward down the road. I needed to know that there was a destination I was heading too.

You will never get anywhere in your life focusing on the past regretting and trying to relive the past. Now, as I drove my car I had to now and again check my review mirror to make sure no one or nothing behind would effect me as I sought to go forward but only a glimpse now and again. And in life we need to remember some of the past as we learn not to repeat the past by ignoring what happened back there…

But forward is our focus.

Determine that you’re not going to sit where you are in fear of moving forward.

Determine that God has a future He is calling you to.

Get your eyes on Him and His future plan for you and determine to move forward towards that plan.

Because HOPE Focuses on the future.

So lets get our Praise on. Lets Focus on God and His future plans for our lives. Lets get up and move forward Hoping in the future. Love always hopes. 


Lord I am not focusing on the past or my present condition! I am focusing on living my life for your Glory and I am moving forward into the future you have planned for me . . . I am getting my Garment of Praise on!

This guest post was written by Pastor John King, who is the Senior Pastor of Riverside Community Church in Peoria, IL. My husband John and I lived in Peoria and Riverside was our church home during the first 3 years of our marriage. Pastor King has had such a huge influence on our spiritual life and walk with the Lord. He is a man of integrity and passion for Jesus, and I’m honored to have him at today!! If this post encouraged you, leave a comment for him below!!

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Thank you for this post! It really spoke to me in my current situation. I do have a question, I understand that we should not focus on the past or our current situation, but what if the process of moving forward and deciding to look ahead still is hurting us because of your current situation? Don’t get me wrong, I believe in and have chosen forgiveness and I am trusting in God’s grace to help me get through the hurt but to be honest, a human being, it still hurts in this season. I know there is a light at… Read more »
John King

Julia you make perfect sense! Great question!
As I read your note my mind went straight to Hebrews 12:1-3 where we are encouraged to keep our eyes on Jesus who in my words here endured His present current situation because of the Joy that was coming in the future! The pain is real to you right now and I don’t suggest you ignore or even pretend it’s not there but keep your eyes fixed on our great example Jesus and believe in the future He has planned for you.


Thank you for that verse John and the encouragement!


To Julia…the song “Cry out to Jesus” comes to mind. Sometimes that’s really all we have the strength to do. But He is so faithful and picks us up where we are. Another song that comes to mind…”I’ll Praise You in the Storm”….that song really blessed me during the time my mother was dying. I didn’t feel like but as an act of obedience I did it anyway, and I had peace and comfort from Jesus that rally does pass all understanding. Blessings to you


Those are great songs Denise! thank you and blessings to you as well!


All I can say is God bless the owner of this blog and the writer of today’s article. Thank you.

I couldn’t help but feel this post is speaking to me. I’m in a season of waiting on God to show me in which direction He wants to take me so that I can best serve and bring glory to Him. I’ll admit it is a somewhat scary place to be in as I know which areas the Lord has gifted me but it’s letting go of the things/ideas I feel may define me as well as letting go of the fears I have or perceive and possibly just taking a leap of faith that makes it harder to attune… Read more »

This message is one that I really needed to hear today. I have been thinking too much about the past plus I have also been focused on my fears about an unknown future including financial concerns and dating concerns. Thank you for the dose of hope…God bless!

Thanks for a great article Deb. Indeed we can only be able to move forward when we fix our eyes on Jesus Julia, I was in the same situation 5 years ago, where I was in so much pain that it seemed that it will never go away. At that time, praying, reading my Bible, singing praises to God and even going to church seemed like a waste of time as none of that made me feel better at that very moment. However in the midst of all that I cried to God for strength and guidance. 5 years later… Read more »

Yes thank you for sharing your testimony Tsalo! It’s very encouraging and I will read up on those scriptures! God bless!


Amen amen and amen. Bless you

Luke Urban

Thanks for this article.


Josh Groban – Remember when it rained.


I seriously needed this. I rarely hope in this area. I’ve been working on getting better at it. Thank you for sharing this wisdom with us.

I thank the Lord everyday for the blessed words of scripture on which we stand. Everything else around us will fall is falling only on Christ the solid rock can we stand. So many scriptures to stand on , thanks be to God; Not by might nor by power but by my spirit says the Lord, Zechariah 4:6 I know the plans I have for you says the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you… Jeremiah 29:11 To you Lord is the greatness and the power and the Glory and the victory and the majesty, all that… Read more »

Thank you for this much needed encouragement & hope!!


Thanks Deb for this post. God’s timing is so perfect!! I have been paralyzing myself because of my past. I have been speaking out loud,

I will not be paralyzed by my past! I won’t lose site of my present and waste away my future!
and Proverbs 4:23 Trust in the Lord with all my might and lean not on my own understanding in all my ways I will acknowledge Him and He will direct my paths.
Also Jeremiah 29:11