Does She Like Me? That's a question more commonly asked by men than you would imagine! So, we asked the ladies to give us 7 ways they show a man that they're interested.

Does She Like Me? 7 Clues She’s Interested

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Does she like me?

Are men really sitting around wondering, does she like me? Believe it or not, that’s a question that’s more commonly asked by men across the world than you would probably imagine. No matter the age, stage, or culture, men and women find themselves looking to get a hint regarding what the opposite sex is thinking.

So, as I often do, I took to my TLD Facebook Page to ask that very question. In our last post, we heard how the guys show interest and gave the girls 7 clues that he’s interested. But in this post, we turn our attention to the ladies.

Here are the signs ladies give to men to let them know they’re interested.

  1. Positive body language: Glancing at him and smiling.
  2. Making good eye contact.
  3. Listen well and engage in meaningful conversation.
  4. Asking a lot of questions to get to know him and making effort to keep the conversation going.
  5. Giving him extra attention.
  6. Compliment him.
  7. Comment on something he’s doing or try to get a conversation going.

As I was analyzing the comments and feedback that came in regarding how women show men they’re interested, two things that struck me: first, I was struck by the number of women who use body language as their primary means to communicating. I’m all about the power of body language, but more than anything, I would encourage women to see the power in their words and use them just as much!

The second thing that was fascinating was how many women reported they “don’t do anything” to show a guy they are interested! I think relationships are the most healthy when they’re reciprocal – when there’s a give-and-take between both parties involved. And in my opinion, ladies, that means doing your part in showing interest when there’s interest there.

From what the guys have communicated, there’s a good chance that if a guy is thinking about approaching you, there’s a good chance he’s asking himself, does she like me?, before making a first move. Am I right, fellas?

It’s important for both parties to be on the same page and engaging in a relationship of give-and-take – from friendship, to dating, to marriage.

What do you think? Did I miss anything? Comment below!

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I find, I don’t intentionally mean to act interested, but I find myself doing a fair amount of those things anytime I talk to people, whether girls or guys! Is that bad? Because i have a feeling most people read my intentions wrong.


Please, I beg you to have as much grace as possible if you find out a guy is reading you wrong on these cues.

So far I’ve only read girls wrong, and a couple of them really, really messed me up because they weren’t graceful in rejection. One said yes to my face then sent a ~350 word “I didn’t really mean that” social media message the next day. Another one, when I backed off after being rejected, got mad about that and followed up with another series of messages telling me that.


This was my thought exactly when I read today’s post. With the exception of #s 1 and 5 above, I make an effort to do those things whenever I’m conversing with anyone — no matter the gender. Should I not do these things when speaking with guys? Could doing so be misconstrued as flirting? Your thoughts, Debra…?


I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing Emma; it shows you have good communication skills and are actually invested in people. I think the key would be (from my perspective), if you feel like a guy is interested and you’re not, just be honest with him so that you’re not continuing to lead him on. But don’t stop being a sincere person, that would be a shame!

Yes ladies, please don’t “do nothing”. The smallest hints are helpful and once we try talking to you, helping to keep the conversation going would also be nice. On a slightly different rabbit-trail, if we’ve been talking and the guy asks you out, please just be honest. Twice last year (out of the 3 girls I asked about a date) they said yes and then stopped responding to calls and texts. If you don’t want to go on a date, just say no please. And if you do actually change your mind, then just tell us. It’s so much better… Read more »
Ashley Downey

I think this article is very helpful. I know that sometimes women do all the things that this article suggests and the guy still doesn’t realize that you are interested in them. I have had that happen several times and I have to end up telling the guy that I like them and then they are surprised that I like them.

What if the girl isn’t sure if she is interested or not (aka: she feels she needs to get to know him better first…been burned before by this game), but she is getting feedback from other sources that the guy definitely is, yet he has never expressed any clear interest directly to the same girl other than texting quite regularly (only in a nonchalant friends manner–nothing super special). What’s a girl to do? Just wait and see what happens? Or express interest she doesn’t yet feel, just to give him a chance? He is a great guy otherwise–but this is… Read more »

This comment section begs the question: how do you properly and gracefully say you’re not interested in pursuing more than a friendship, in a mature way?