I Didn’t Get Married in my 20s (And Here’s What I Learned)

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The following is a guest post by my dear, sweet, friend Alison. She’s one of the most beautiful women I know (as you can see in the photo!)- inside and out. I had the privilege of witnessing part of her journey, and seeing God at work in her life. I asked her to write about this really important subject, and share her heart-felt experiences about being single in her 30s.  Her heart and story blessed me, and I know it will bless you. Feel free to leave her some encouragement!


When I was young I always envisioned being married in my early 20’s, and of course, babies would come soon after. I dreamed that I would be a stay at home mom and take care of my husband, children and home.

In short, that is not the way my life turned out.

Along the journey of my life there has been unhealthy relationships, anger towards God and a lot of tears shed in the name of my expectations. I went through cycles of hope — to hopes being crushed. I experienced really difficult times in my life, thinking that God might be punishing me because of my past. If I could have somehow killed my desire for a husband and a family, I would have. The pain ran deep and it hurt. I had to start over with God to find out what it is that He wanted from me and why He wasn’t giving me my heart’s desire: a family.

I had a lot to learn.

God needed to do some major work in my heart to prove to me that He always had my best interest in mind. And, I had to do this part alone. At one point, I really felt the Lord drawing me closer to Him than ever before. During some intense prayer I felt as though the Lord asked me if I would be willing to fast from men for one year.

No dating, no friendships– not even hanging out with men. It wasn’t easy- but I of course said yes.

Through the course of that year I learned so much. God had given me wisdom that I would have not learned any other way. Above all, I knew in my heart and soul that He was actually not mad at me or “holding out” but he was protecting me! His grace and love had changed me, from the inside out.

I then had to let go of the fact that I was not in control and God’s timing was not mine. I had to surrender to this many, many times. I wish I could say that God blessed me with a husband right after but it wasn’t until 5 long years later that I met my husband. I admit there were still seasons of tears, still seasons of feeling embarrassed to now be single in my 30’s. The “advice” of some was also disheartening. I was told that I was too picky, or that maybe I needed to move. It seemed like everyone was always trying to set me up. I hated that too. It was always so awkward for me.

In my heart I prayed that God would bring my husband to me and that it would not come through another set up. I had moved back to my home town again feeling prompted by the Lord. I had started attending a local church and then called about any current Bible studies. I chose to go to the Romans bible study and the night that I attended they told me that there were only 2 sessions left. One of the guys definitely stood out to me but my heart was so guarded that I honestly didn’t even go down that road in my mind. I actually got sick and couldn’t attend the next session, so that was it.

About a year later on my way to church I had the random thought, “I wonder what ever happened to that guy from the Bible study last year?” That same Sunday when I sat in my seat, I looked over and there he was sitting right in the isle that I chose to sit.

We were married about a year later. I had just turned 33.

I had my first baby at 35 and I’m believing God for one more.

Throughout this entire journey, one thing I know to be true is that trusting God is not always easy. And believe it or not, getting married and having children doesn’t automatically give you the ability to trust God. There are still times of struggle. If I could be completely honest here, there are still times in my life that I have to let go of the fact that I am going to be an “older” mom, or that my children’s friends parents are going to be younger than me. I know all this might sound silly and selfish to some, but it is something that I think about. I guess I still feel old and sometimes out of the social norm.

However, I have to actively choose to think about the blessings that God has given to me from His never ending heart of grace. It wasn’t until I got married that I understood why people say being called to singleness is a gift, in that you can place all your attention and affection on the Lover of your Soul. I struggled again with my relationship with God after I was married and had my first child because I felt that I had no time to do anything because the very thing that I begged for was now my reality: a family.

I speak to all those who can relate to my experience. Please know that God is for you, he is not withdrawing a blessing because He is mean or uninterested. Take Him at his word, that no matter what, He is working ALL things for good.  I am grateful to God that He had protected me and allowed me to learn so much before I was married and became a mother. I love my husband and son with a fierce, deep love that I had never experienced on a human level. He saved me for them.

His ways are higher and so much better than ours, because He knows the end of the story. We must commit to trusting Him with ALL things and taking Him at His Word. The essence of who we are can never be defined by the blessings of God but rather in knowing the God of the blessings. Hold to that truth in ALL things and you will be blessed beyond measure.

“For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.” 2 Cor 4:17-1

Like Alison shared in this post, God was on a journey of preparing her heart. The first step in finding true love, is preparing yourself for it. To learn how, take a minute to check out the book True Love Dates.

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Thanks for this great post. I’ve been single for 3 years since my wedding was called off. I turn 34 tomorrow and feel like time is getting away from me and that all the good Christian men were taken long ago. This article is a good reminder to trust God and that he is in control. It was a blessing that God saved me from marrying the wrong person 3 years ago but I do wonder what he is doing with the rest of my life. Trying to learn to trust, let go and just enjoy living each day living… Read more »
busingye kristen

hi Helen.. thanks for your openness in your reply.. i have also gone gone through a phase of a wedding cancelled 3 months to the due date..
i am still struggling with coming to terms with that and moving on but i believe God is there for me.

this articles has brought tars to my eyes


What a great message. I convinced myself that I was the only person who dealing with the pain of a broken engagement, and it was because something was wrong with me. While I’m happy for them, watching everyone around me experience marriage and parenthood (including my ex) has been felt like a punch in the stomach. As much as I have felt like giving up, there’s still something inside that keeps me hopeful that God has great plans for my life.

No, you are definitely not alone! I still deal with the pain of not one but TWO broken engagements. It was embarrassing enough to have one, but I could excuse it by pointing the the fact that I was only 19 at the time. The second time was when I was 26, older, wiser, but still fooled lying tongue. What started out as a seemingly healing experience turned out to be even more painful than the one before. Thankfully, I had already learned a lot about trusting God in the midst of dreams shattered. Still, it wasn’t easy watching him… Read more »

“The essence of who we are can never be defined by the blessings of God but rather in knowing the God of the blessings. Hold to that truth in ALL things and you will be blessed beyond measure”

This was my best part of the article. Thanks for being real and transparent Allison and thanks for posting this Deb. I love this blog!

I have been enjoying this blog for a while and I am always so encouraged. Allison, I am 55 and divorced. I married at 23 but didn’t have my son until age 35. So I can identify with you about your feelings of being an older mom. You are not alone in that thought. There are quite a few women who are having children later in life. And here’s the real kicker, I’ve been divorced 12 years and have never been on a date with anyone. And you are so right, trusting God is not easy especially waiting on God… Read more »

Thanks for this post! I needed to hear this!

busingye kristen

thank you Alison for sharing. brings me a lot of hope and encouragement

I am 35 & never married & I have, at times, believed that God was not interested in my love life. I’ve had a series of terrible relationships until 2 years ago when I met someone so great that I thought God had finally blessed me with “The One.” Unfortunately, he was not the one & I was devastated. I met someone else after a time & we hit it off, but it ended abruptly, & again, I was deeply hurt, angry & distraught. It seemed all this confirmed that God simply wasn’t interested in giving me a husband. I’ve… Read more »
I so felt like you during my lonnnnnng journey of singlehood, now in my mid 40’s almost kissing 50. I understand that God is in control, but I have lost hope of God finding anyone for me. I no longer want to “help” him out, by doing that in the past got me my beautiful 10 yr old. I no longer have the desire or trust that’s needed in order to be open to him when God calls. And I don’t know how to get that back, nor do I don’t know if I want it. It was and is… Read more »
Dear Erica, Fynesse and friends. I am single, 37, never married, no kids, with a few relationships but none worked out as I wished for. And looking back I realized that the guys I dated were not my “Song of Songs” man, the man that I am praying for so long. My sister, 35 is a beautiful, caring and successful woman, who never had a serious relationship. And yes, that breaks a person. It breaks your hope, your trust in God, even your faith. You wonder what you did wrong. You look at your cheating exes and how happy they… Read more »
Alison Peck
HI everyone! I just want to say thanks for reading and commenting on this article. Your journey is not over. I am continuing to learn that the life of the Christ follower is not easy or predictable. One of my mentors once told me that she could not guarantee that God would bless me according to my desires, but that He does promise to give me what I need. While that may not seem fun or exciting in a temporal way, it is great to know that His eye is always on us. Thank you for encouraging me through your… Read more »

I am 42…no prospects really…and the man who claims to want to marry me is wishy washy. I feel like I am in a prison sometimes.


Wow Debra !! I exactly feel like you felt .. But I have a different kind of struggle too, every time Lord does send a guy my way , I feel I have lost my precious connection with the Lord as it requires so much time and effort to build relationship with a man, Its like a burden to me.. And when I come out of a relationship I feel terribly lonely and left out by God as well as men.. What is wrong with me ?? I don’t understand.. Can anyone advise ??

I have a much different story than what I’ve read about here. I’d like to share it in hopes of hearing from other Christian women who may have similar experiences- in a way I NEED to hear that there ARE other Christians struggling with the same issues I am facing. I am currently going through a divorce. Unfortunately, it’s my forth divorce. I’d married rather hastily in my very early 20″s, mainly, as I look back, to get away from a dysfunctional home. The “marriage” lasted less than a year. We fought all the time, were both way too immature… Read more »

Beth am sorry and I pray our Lord Jesus will restore you. Have you considered going through a prayer of deliverance ?

Beth, I’m so sorry that this has been your experience. Run, don’t walk, to a Celebrate Recovery group! I honestly think that finding a healthy celebrate recovery group will change your life in an amazing way and bring some healing, maybe even make it possible for you to get whole enough to love a true, healthy man again. Please at least check out this idea, because this group is christ-centered and it helped me when NOTHING else helped me recover from broken relationships. I iwas broken-hearted but was a DEVOUT Christian for years, went to church constantly, read the bible,… Read more »
Thanks for the article, it’s a blessing for me to read testimonies like that. I also love the blog, it helps me to keep in mind that other people live the same struggles than me ! Sometimes I feel a little “strange” because a lot of people is getting married around me and I have always be single and I’m 23 (it’s that old, I know!). But I trust God and I’m thankful for what he is doing now in my life, for all my friends, my projects… I know he is carrying me and, above all, that HE is… Read more »

(wanted to say: “it’s NOT that old”)


I just wanted to say that I had my son at 36. Don’t. Worry about being an older mom when your child is in school. I worried about that and it was a needless worry. In my son’s. Current class (1st grade) there is a mom older than me! Therea re mom’s. Of all ages anymore. It’s. Not uncommon for there to be older mom’s anymore!

“His ways are higher and so much better than ours, because He knows the end of the story.” So thankful that even though I don’t know, at least I know the one who knows… ya know? 😀 Sometimes I get a little lost and think I’m in control and its up to me to figure this thing out! It’s comforting to be reminded that I personally know the author of my life. And He is good and loves me more than I can imagine. And it’s just comforting to know I’m not the only single 34 year-old wondering how this… Read more »
I get most of what this author is saying, but I wonder: do they live in a really old-fashioned town or something? For one thing, there are tons of people now who get married in their thirties and certainly tons having children. I can’t imagine someone worrying about having kids in their thirties–that is so common, why on earth would that be a concern? Maybe people need to realize there is a demographic shift going on and now being married with kids in your early twenties (without a shotgun wedding) is probably weirder than being married or having kids in… Read more »

I usually don’t comment online but now I felt I should say something. What especially drew my attention was this idea that being single means that you are punished by God because of your sins. I struggled with that for a long time and still happens sometimes. Because I am still single…. and…. in my 30s. Thank you for sharing it.


Thank you so much for sharing your story! I desperately needed this encouragement in this stage of my life. I am holding on to those strong desires for a husband and family (just like you) and face discouragement a lot of times when it continues to remain “a dream.” I really relate to a lot of your fears and thoughts reading through this, and it really helped give me a new perspective on it. THANK YOU!


Thank you. This is very encouraging. We’re walking out our stories but we don’t know the ending. We CAN know that His plans for us are good, no matter what!


Id love to be married and grow old with someone but its not in the cards for me. Had 2 very bad relationships in my early 20’s, broke things off with my sons father shortly after he was born because all he was doing was causing problems and not helping out with anything. Other than the occasional date ive been alone. Im praying now to find a decent roommate once im an empty nester