Are These Dating Deal Breakers?

In Dating by Debra Fileta

What makes something significant enough to be a deal breaker when you’re dating someone? I compiled a list of 10 Dating Deal-Breakers that I highly suggest you listen to, from my perspective as a professional counselor.

But like I talk about in True Love Dates, there are Red, Green, and Yellow traits in every relationship, and sometimes it’s not so cut-and-dry categorizing whether or not something is a deal breaker for you!

So I’m taking a poll of some of the categories that people have asked me about over the past couple of years, and I’m wondering whether or not these are dating deal breakers for you? Fill out the survey below answering YES or NO regarding your dating deal-breakers, and then check out the results of what people in this culture think. Then comment below, do you agree or disagree with the consensus? Why or why not?

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Poll Results:
Drinking Alcohol
Using Profane Language
Pushing Physical Boundaries
Always Late
Someone you are not physically attracted to
Someone you are somewhat physically attracted to
Someone currently jobless
Someone who lives with their parents
New Christian
Christian from a different denomination than you
Totally different career path than you
Long Distance
Someone your family doesn't like
Someone your friends don't like
Someone who doesn't attend church

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